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December 1st, 2020

Online link to join meeting: https://meet.google.com/peh-ehqp-bgf


  1. Minutes
  2. Member Attendance
  3. Consent Agenda
  4. Old Business
  5. Action Items
  6. New Business
  7. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
    6. At-Large
  8. Guest Introductions
  9. Member Reports
  10. Upcoming Events
  11. Trash/Recycling Volunteer
  12. Adjournment

Guest Introductions



Meeting started at 7:11pm

Member Attendance

8 members were in attendance - quorum not met.

Consent Agenda

1) Minutes from November 10 were not approved due to missing Treasurer's info. Dawn and Ryan will convene on this

Old Business

ToDo Action Items

(Items carried forward from previous meetings, but not up for discussion this month. Recorded here so we don't forget about them.)

  • Pete Soper reports that the FSL Hobby Laser may not be fully functional, may be out of focus in one corner.
    • Justin will look at replacing the air assist hose and cleaning/realigning the mirrors if needed.
  • Door and Gate system - remains delayed, requires "jiggle."
  • No updates on Training & Accountability (need volunteers)
    • Create a document with a list of tools, include people & doc links as we start making equipment training guides.
    • Identify and maintain (online) lists of SME's for each equipment or space.
  • Lewis made a Splatspace ad/brochure pamphlet and is working on a member info onesheet.
  • Blake will be creating an accountability spreadsheet to track ideators and actuators


  • Laser cutter soundproofing or sound abatement. Heavy curtains, or walls made from soundproofing materials, or relocation of laser cutters. Major problem for members in the classroom, possible source of concerningly loud noise exposure. Mark has egg cartons for lazor cutter sound abatement

New Business

  • Annual election has been completed, check out the new SplatSpace board members.
  • Blake wants to put board members on social media
  • Blake notes that Slack was bought by Salesforce for a "stupid amount of money"
  • Identify volunteers to plan moving electronics donations from Fred Ebeling and Pete Soper from Pete's garage to SplatSpace.
  • Members discussed the need for a Tool Reservation system. Discussed Google solutions (Reserve/Scheduling/Calendar) as the easiest/quickest to get something up and running.
    • Mark identifies that reservation system will be a new custom, and suggests that reservation supercedes surprise tool usages
    • Scott recalls an earlier form of a reservation service
  • Justin has made some organizational improvements around the space, and is investigating improvements in inventory, shelving, portability cart.
  • Blake has put Ubuntu on all of the laptops and plans on replacing one of the 3d printer
  • Ryan's documentation for Dorbo is in progress.
    • 25 more fobs have been purchased and placed in the lockbox. Reimbursement?
  • Justin suggests beverages and/or pizza for a cleanup party.
    • Blake urges us to follow the expert opinions on social distancing in cleanup
  • Use Slack #fundraising or #engagement channels to discuss and own ideas for projects, services, classes, workshops, sponsorships, recruitment, etc. for gaining funding, memberships, and exposure.
    • Request volunteers to join SplatSpace "Survival Committee".
  • Identify volunteer willing to procure or create a SplatSpace floor plan for members to use for planning purposes and reference. Email to/work with Justin Kirk.
    • Justin has an old Intel i3 system which could be rebuilt and used in the space, possibly in the member signin/guest book/reservation system/information kiosk.
  • Blake, Andrew, Ryan, and others are still working on the new SplatSpace website. Justin expressed interest in working on it as well.
    • Action item: gain access to the Linode instance.
    • Pending above action item, will need to update WordPress, then add Stripe customer/membership management portal and other items/updates.
  • Blake's digital sign project/entryway kiosk. Attached Raspberry Pi shows a few screens/displays the Splatspace logo.

Officer Reports

  • Blake wants to etch the splatspace logo onto a pint glass

Vice President
  • Justin was at the Space going through everything. He has a lots of ideas about storage and restructuring the entrance space to reclaim space. He condensed the boneyard. He moved some of the shelving to make it more accessible. He made some adjustments to the woodshop and is investigating dust collection/filtration.


Ryan is trying to catch up with Dawn. He expects to update the following info in the next week. Figures updated 1/5/2021

  • Account balances as of 12/01:
+ BB&T + Cash Total - Outstanding - Escrow - 3 mo reserve Non-committed
  $1343.47     $94     $1437.47     $0     $224     $7500     $-5571.77  
  $1343.47     $94     $1437.47     $0     $224     $0     $1213.47  

  • This month's income:
Member Dues Donations Other Total
  $1052.46     $335.15     $0     $1387.61  
  • This month's expenses:
UDI Rent Linode.com Spectrum Meetup Misc Total
  $1900*     $22.01     $89.99     $98.94     $0.48     $2111.42  
  • Income - Expenses =   $-732.81
  • Potentially recoverable back dues = ~$250

  • Active Member count as of 12/01: (Active = paid dues within past 60 days)
Membership Type # Members Expected Dues Target # Members Target Dues
Full 20 $1200 27 $1620
Full (Legacy) 10 $500
Associate 3 $75
Associate (Legacy) 5 $100
Student 5 $175
Total 43 $2050 52 $2545
Monthly Expected Expenses

Current = $2030

[Jan 2021 = $2530]


Current = $2050 - $2030 = $20/mo

[Jan 2021 = $2050 - $2530 = -$480/mo]

Departing Members:

New Members: 0 new member

Paused: 1 member

With our current Membership & Expenses, we can pay bills through June 2021

  • Note: projection based on member dues (does not include donations)

https://wiki.splatspace.org/images/b/b5/ReserveProjection10.pdf (Reserve projection from October 1.)

Current steps to increase revenue / decrease expenses:

  • Donations: Thank you to Andrew S, Blake, & Graham
  • Reduced rent ($1900 vs $2400) through end of 2020

Next urgently needed step:

  • Update website to include Stripe Customer Portal

  • No report

Public Relations
  • Tom says the biolab can move as needed

  • Scott working with Justin on space improvements

Finance Concerns and subsequent discussion
  • Mark wants to talk about finances in the next 6-7 months. He figures we need 10+ new members per month. He suggests that this needs to be priority.
  • Brainstorm over where to put the ad/fliers that Lewis created. Blake is OK with putting them in places
  • Lewis to update banner on top of flier: "WORKSHOP - ELECTRONICS - ARDUINO - DIY"
  • Tom can "print until it dies" at work if needed
  • Ambareesh asked about a website place for "project of the month" -- Blake was thinking something similar - Maker of the month. They will discuss this offline.

Member Reports

Note: SplatSpace social media upload folder available at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EPrdwZo7-msmBhlD4Wk_F70GjDvqXc42

  • Put any media to be published on SplatSpace social media accounts here.
  • Ryan has been 3d printing the toys (audio transmission was garbled). Ryan wants to move forwrad with workshops
  • Lewis described his garbage juice from dumpstered fruit and vegetables
  • Mark and Blake suggest a 2nd meeting for just "shoot the shit" discussion. We may moving the share-the-projects part of the meeting to the front, ahead of the business.
  • Scott had the idea of a virtual tour of the space

Upcoming Events

Trash/Recycling Volunteer


Meeting adjourned at 8:51pm