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May 4, 2021

May the Forth Be With You


  1. Member Reports
  2. Guest Introductions
  3. Minutes
  4. Member Attendance
  5. Recruitment / Retention / Fundraising
  6. Consent Agenda
  7. Old Business
    1. Pinned items
    2. Action Items
  8. New Business
  9. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
    6. At-Large
  10. Upcoming Events
  11. Trash/Recycling Volunteer
  12. Adjournment

Member Reports

  • Blake: Showed his pizza cutter made from Purple Heart wood, brass rivets, and stainless steel. Commented how hard the steel was to work with. Also showed his Lego Empiral Probe Droid.
  • Scott: Talked about the model train show this weekend at the State Fairgrounds. N-Track had a bunch of modules connected for 500-ft of layout. The Lego Trains layout was setup for 16x30 ft. The club had a huge loop of 16x30 ft with 3 tracks of O-Scale along the outside, a loop of S-Scale inside that, a loop of HO-scale inside that, and a loop of N-Scale inside that -- lots of noise and lots of kids using their phones and throttles to run the trains.
  • Justin: Talked about using a Raspberry-Pi in his truck running Crank-Shaft, allowing one to access navigation and media functions through your phone using Android Auto. Doing a lot of Raspberry-Pi stuff.
  • Ryan: Using Helium ad-hoc network communications. Got offer from Duke to build a website to track persons.
  • Tom: Used the Chicken manure from Lewis to streak out a dozen independent bacterial cultures, have prepped DNA from these and stocked the strains; next step is to PCR up a 16S amplicon to sequence the DNA in order to identify at the genus, and possibly the species level. Trying to cultivate bacteria other than E. coli, including some possibly dangerous ones. Only doing this at home, and not at the space to keep things safe.

Guest Introductions

  • Charlie Groves: Software developer interested in woodworking. Wife is an upholsterer. Found SplatSpace by searching for woodworking.


  • Approve minutes from Apr 6th, 2021

Recruitment / Retention / Fundraising

Member Attendance

XX dues-paying (voting) members
  YY members in attendence
  Quorum = ZZ members

Consent Agenda


Old Business

Pinned Items

Permanent items of the Old Business section carried from month to month.

  • Mid-month meeting set up for 3rd Tuesdays, with Mark and others facilitating. Noted that invitations likely need to be emailed each month and a link on the webpage.
  • Justin is working on a SplatSpace floor plan he created for members to use for planning purposes and reference.
  • We should welcome students, but not chase them because the student rate isn't as financially supportive. Mark suggests posting fliers on Foster street where there are condos and apartments with no workspace. Mark suggests that people need to pursue hanging up fliers repeatedly, but notes that turnover of places where posting is allowed becomes a problem. He also discussed the Motorco/Fullsteam area neighborhoods. Coco Cinnamon is another option.

ToDo Action Items

(Items carried forward from previous meetings, but not up for discussion this month. Recorded here so we don't forget about them.)

  • Pete Soper reports that the FSL Hobby Laser may not be fully functional, may be out of focus in one corner.
    • Justin will look at replacing the air assist hose and cleaning/realigning the mirrors if needed. After some research, Justin got it in focus, but had a hard time getting it to cut. He's found a forum.
  • Doorduino system - remains delayed, requires "jiggle."
  • Identify and maintain (online) lists of SME's for each equipment or space.
  • Lewis hit a formatting wall on the onesheet. It contains a lot of good information, but isn't organized well yet.
  • The electronics donation from Fred Ebling that was at Pete Soper's place has mostly been positioned in the electronics area, some is in the space in the main room. Progress is being made to incorporate it into the electronics parts area. Scott has made a large shelf to hold the parts, and a small shelf to go under the gray door cabinet. Ryan has made sure it is tip-proof.
  • Mark notes that we are 1-2 months away from majority vaccinated population. Blake says that he is watching the CDC and governor's guidelines for advice for future in-person meetings. Board decided not to make vaccines required.

New Business

  • Scott has made process wiring up zoned amplifiers to wire up multiple speakers in each room for music and paging system. This is on pause as Scott focuses on shelving and cleanup efforts.
  • 3rd pizza party on April 23th was a success - more progress cleaning out the main room, getting things to the electronics area, and further organizing the woodshop and 3D-printer area (now in the Boneyard).
  • Centralized online file storage for SplatSpace documents and files was discussed. Scott working on the SplatDrive at the space, Ryan working on the Internet-accessible storage and archive</span>
  • Website: progress has been made. Blake is still working on a lot of the layout, but it's getting there. He solicited help for anyone interested in front-end work.
  • Lewis floated the idea of making the audio recordings of meetings public. He liked the idea of tagging important moments of conversation, but agreed with Mark that meetings may be better to be ephemeral. It was discussed that for various reasons having recordings online may have negative consequences, and the meeting minutes tend to capture whatall people have to say.
  • Scott announced that he's starting to hold the TriBRAE Beginning Microcontrollers & Electronics in-person in the space again beginning in May. Note that it is now scheduled for May 15, but may be moved to May 22 due to many other efforts going on.
  • Talk of 0rganizing a possible Mini-Mini-Makerfaire
    • Talk to area community groups
    • Contact Durham local makerspaces
    • Let's get a Food Truck or two

Officer Reports

  • Welcome sign is failing, but work is in progress. May need to reload. But when working, it looks great.


no comment - personal projects taking priority


Account balances as of 4/30/2021:

+ BB&T + Cash Total - Outstanding - Escrow - 3 mo reserve Non-committed
  $2794.31     $94     $2888.31     $0     $784     $7500     $-5395.69  
  $2794.31     $94     $2888.31     $0     $784     $0     $2104.31  

This month's income (cash in):

Member Dues Donations Other Total
  $1890.96     $400     $0     $2290.96  

This month's expenses (cash out):

UDI Rent Linode.com Spectrum Misc Total
  $2400     $7.13     $89.99     $0.00     $2497.12  

Income - Expenses =   -$206.16
Potentially recoverable back dues = ~$120

Active Member count as of 5/4/2021:
(Active = paid dues within past 60 days)

Membership Type # Members Expected Dues Target # Members Target Dues
Full 31 $1860 27 $1620
Full (Legacy) 10 $500
Associate 7 $175
Associate (Legacy) 4 $80
Student 2 $75
Recurring Donors (4) $300
Total 54 $2990 52 $2545
Monthly Expected Expenses

Current = $2510


Current = $2990 - $2510 = $480/mo

Departing Members: Xinli Z.

New Members: Angela B., David S., Richard M., Jade V.

Paused: 1 member

Arrears: 1 member

With our current Membership & Expenses, it will take about 10 months to fully fund our reserve. -- Note: projection is based on member dues and recurring donations.


Current steps to increase revenue / decrease expenses:

  • Donations: Thank you to Andrew S, Blake, Graham, Richard, & Tom, for your donations. Liking and subscribing to a channel may be the best way to support someone on YouTube, but likes and subscribers don't help pay our rent like you do!



no report

Public Relations

No report


Tom: no report

Scott: no further report

Upcoming Events

  • Library Fest
    Week-Long Celebration of the Durham County Library, Mon-Sun. Apr 5-10; Live events hosted on Zoom
    {In the past SplatSpace has participated}
    • Discussed that if we wanted to be involved with it, we'll need to fill out vigorous paperwork