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April 5th, 2011


  1. Approve draft minutes of the last meeting
  2. Consent Agenda
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
  4. Member Reports
  5. New Business
  6. Adjournment



  • Alan Dipert
  • Ashley Dipert
  • Mike Broome
  • Jeff Crews
  • Peter Reintjes
  • Lenore Ramm
  • Justis Peters
  • Scott Hall
  • Mark Corzine
  • Darren Boss
  • Philip Rhodes
  • Skippy
  • JC Sackett


  • Minutes from previous passed

Consent Agenda

  • Officially add wiki maintenance and blog administration (not posts) to the Secretary's role.

Officer Reports

  • We are participating in the Hackerspace challenge, and Justis is heading up our team!
  • Hosting Paul Overton of dudecraft: Great Success and fun times
  • We had our first movie night! Watched Cube. Thanks for making it happen Jeff!
  • Another fantastic intro to electronics with Dane. Our collaboration with The Public School is going really well.
  • A note on hosting meetings at the space: if you schedule one, please make sure you can be there
  • Global Hackerspace Challenge is important--more in member reports.

BB&T account balance: $1275.50 (-$895 rent payment pending)

Paypal account balance: $1649.94 (includes $900 pending payment to clear on 4/7)

  • I received the CREH-Snow account number from Kim and defined CREH-Snow as a payee on BB&T Bill Payment.
  • I created the first rent payment via bill payment from BB&T on 3/30, which is when I received their account number.
  • I let Kim know that payment was created and takes 5 business days to clear, so they can expect it on April 6th.
  • Going forward, I will create the payment in advance in future months so they receive it by the first of the month.
  • Once we get all the Paypal money transferred over and have enough of a cushion to avoid overdraft, I'll set it up as an automatic monthly payment.
Status of transitioning off Paypal

In talking with BB&T merchant services, all of their services through Authorize.net make us subject to PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This is a Bad Thing, in my opinion.

When we use Paypal, we are never exposed to the actual cardholder information or credit card data for our dues payments & donations. Authorize.net works differently; apparently just having a payment button on our website that links to Authorize.net is somehow construed as us "processing credit card data".

My contact at BB&T Merchant Services obtained for me the minimal set of requirements that we would have to meet under PCI if we went with BB&T, which I sent out to the board alias. The questionnaire we would have to complete is fairly simple, with only two requirements (restrict physical access to cardholder data, and maintain a policy that addresses information security) and we could reply "not applicable" to both of them, since we should never receive any cardholder data (specifically defined under PCI as the primary account number plus name, expiration date, etc.) from Authorize.net.

We would still be responsible to confirm that Authorize.net is PCI compliant (which I'm pretty sure I can do by just sending them an email asking them if they are and getting a written response back in the affirmative), and BB&T will charge us $6/mo for PCI compliance (so our recurring monthly cost to go with BB&T will be $16.00) no matter what level of assessment we require.

To me, this seems like unnecessary overhead; also, I'm leery of making ourselves possibly subject to PCI compliance audits. I've started looking through the set of payment gateways supported by Spreedly to see what alternatives are out there. One of them has a hosted gateway service that would not impose PCI requirements on us, which looks promising, but I need to dig into the details. I hope to have a recommendation some time later this week. My goal is still to have us set up with an alternative payment option by the time the April payments for May dues roll around (4/20).

  • I've begun an audit of our membership information, because we have a fair number of members I'm not sure I've ever seen, and I think we would be well served to have a better idea of who we've got in a non-dues active sense.
  • I've begun creating an online member database with our membership forms as webforms.
Public Relations
  • Should we create a trifold/brochure with the new membership document?
    • Might have some value, especially at events.
  • Justis: We should get more people on splatspace's blog--we need more posts.
    • Alan: Yes, and there's good reason not to have us all as admins.
    • Alan: We should do a presentation on it.

Old Business

  • No old business.

New Business

  • No new business.

Member Reports

Scott Hall
  • Brought a bunch of things in -- pictures, turnstiles, magazine rack.
    • Thought he might put up the catalogues he has so that people can see what's available and we can combine orders.
  • There are a couple of shows coming up, and it would be nice if we showed up.
    • Is going to put together a trifold for the presentations.
      • If you have any ideas of how you want us to be viewed, let him know, because he would like to include it in the trifold.

Justis: Can you please create a document for "how to make a Splatspace booth".

  • Wants to put up more decorations -- specifically poster boards describing the various stuff in the space.

Justis: Boards should be easy to move.

  • Will continue working on A/V stuff
  • There will be a seminar on how to make a model look weathered at Neuse River Railroader's HQ. See Scott for details.
Justis Peters
  • Hackerspace Challenge, via $900 from Element14.
    • We have spent $100 on parts.
    • Meeting after this.
    • Needs to pick a regular meeting time, and get some regular rhythm going.
      • We're behind on a number of deadlines, but we'll catch up.
    • Check out element14, because they're is some very cool stuff up.
    • There will be a blog post up tomorrow
Peter Reintjes
  • Peter and Darren have started making a cluster out of old machines from the old machines at the museum.
    • Soon may put out a request for people to bring in more machines; old is good, minimal requirements exist (e.g. 1GB of memory).
    • Museum thinks it's pretty cool, and enjoys the notion of sharing it with us.
    • Needs some sort of idea for a cool problem to solve.

Justis: It might be cool to teach how to write code for this sort of cluster.


Adjourned at 7:49 pm.