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This page hosts materials and information regarding the Blender 3D Modelling and Animation workshop



Resources for the Saturday, September 22nd Blender 2.63 Workshop

Lesson 1:File:Blender 2.63 Workshop - Lesson 1 - Carl R. Knapp.pdf


Section 1: A brief overview of the default user interface.
Section 2: Navigating 3D Space/Things to keep in mind.
Section 3: Basic mesh transformations: Translation, Rotation, Scaling, and Extrusion.

Lesson 2: File:Blender 2.63 Workshop - Lesson 2 - Carl R. Knapp.pdf


Section 1: Building a Mesh vertex by vertex
Section 2: Introduction to Modifiers

Resources for the Saturday, October 13th Blender 2.63 Workshop

Workshop 2 preview.JPG

For this workshop we will model a basic "room" scene complete with a door, walls, tables, chair, silverware, and dishes. We will practice translation, rotation, extrusion, and scaling in addition to learning about modifiers, specials, and the spin feature, just to name a few! This will be significantly less "text heavy" than the first workshop, instead the only handout will be a keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts: File:Blender 2.63 Workshop - Keyboard Cheat Sheet for 3D View(B&W) - Carl R. Knapp.pdf

Resources for INSERT_DATE Blender 2.63 Workshop

We will focus on building simple yet functional furniture.

Creation Gallery

Door printed by Splat Space member Jeff C., modeled from October 13th's Workshop!

(Feel free to share your work here, I would love to see what everyone makes!)

Workshop Info:

What will I need to be best prepared?

1. A PC or Laptop running one of the following operating systems: Windows XP or higher, Linux (ANY modern distro should do), MAC OSX or higher, or FreeBSD. Blender works on just about everything reasonably modern, I will be hosting the workshop on a laptop from 2004, old hardware does not have to be a barrier! I will have one additional laptop running Windows XP SP3 available for someone without a laptop, but please don't count on it being available, additionally it is a VERY old single core Pentium with a clock speed of 1.86 Ghz and 1 GB of RAM Official hardware requirements are listed here:

2. It would be great if everyone has Blender 2.63 installed ahead of time. Linux users who use apt-get or the software installer like Ubuntu Software Center or Linux Mint's Software Manger will find that 2.62 is the version in the repositories. The latest version can be easily downloaded and installed from the site and run from location on almost any modern distro (I haven't seen one where this has not worked "out of the box"). Download page is here:

3. 3-BUTTON MICE(2 buttons and a scroll wheel) and USB KEYPADS: I can provide 3 spare mice and 5 spare keypads for the duration of each workshop for people that do not have them. If your laptop has a built in numberpad you don't need a USB numberpad. The scroll wheel on a 3 button mouse is VERY useful for control of the viewport, I would highly recommend that if you have one please bring one! I have ordered more numberpads and mice, however I am concerned that they will not arrive in time for the workshop on Saturday. I also hope to be able to provide one extra laptop to the workshop, however I am afraid to make any guarantees that I may not be able to keep.