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Libre Culture Day will be celebrated at Splat Space on Saturday, May 19th beginning at 5:00pm. For further details see the Meetup event. We would love to see as many people stop by as are interested, if just for a short while. The organizers have put together some free cultural works to be on display, playing in the background, or under discussion. Please add any suggestions you have to the wiki or bring them to the event. If you are interested in playing the video games for an extended period, please bring your own computer, as there are only three public terminals at Splat Space.





  • Elephants Dream
  • Big Buck Bunny
  • Sintel


Other Activities


  • Playing along to Daniel Bautista's Opening Theme from Music for a Film on a video game drum kit.


  • Teaching people how to contribute to OpenStreetMap


  • Showing people how to edit Mediawiki wikis under libre licenses, such as Wikipedia, Uniluug, and the Splat Space wiki.