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The purpose of this page is to provide a home where members and non-members alike can combine personal orders of raw materials and hardware, in order to combine for quantity discounts and to save on shipping costs.

Use this page to add a list of non-time-critical supplies you want. When to total reaches $250 or so, an order moderator will put together an order to be placed and notify you via email for payment. When all of the funds are received the order will go out and the parts will be shipped to the moderator to bring to the next meeting.

The Order moderator reserves the right to select from which vendor to order, and to substitute for equivalent like parts unless you mark below.


Table of persons placing orders
(suggest each person choose a unique color)
Name Email Addr Initials
Scott Hall scottghall1@gmail.com sgh
Jeffrey Crews cruzetti@gmail.com jsc
Phillip Rhodes motley.crue.fan@gmail.com spr
Mahesh Ba maheshba2005@gmail.com mah
Darren Boss darren.boss@gmail.com db
J.C.Sackett j.c.sackett@splatspace.org jc
Alex alex [at] thefrankes [dotcom] adf
Bill Culverhouse bill [dot] culverhouse [at] gmail [dotcom] bcc

Open Orders


Previous order placed 2/21/12 (see below).

Table of personal parts orders for McMaster-Carr
Initials Catalog Part# Mfg Part # Descrip Cost Qty Total Price Substitute?
Total (must calc. manually) $0.00

New Image Plastics

Please read: New Image sells 10+ pound spools only, and the prices are listed below. Shipping is additional, and I don't know what it will run yet. Add yourself to the list for the quantity you want. Once we have enough of any particular type for a 10-lb spool or more, then we can place the order.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the selection is a requirement. As an example, if you put in "PLA* 3mm* Black 2 lb," then it means you require 3mm PLA, but you're flexible on weight and color. If people are flexible on weight, then we can possibly order when the weights add up to, say, 8 lbs if the "flexible" people were willing to get a bit more.

  • $8/lb ABS 3mm black, white, or natural
  • $9/lb ABS 3mm colors (upon request)
  • $9/lb PLA 3mm black, white, or natural
  • $10/lb PLA 3mm colors (upon request, but more limited)

Table of orders for New Image
Initials Type Size Color Weight
adf PLA* 3mm* Black 3 lb
adf PLA* 3mm* Opaque Blue 3 lb
adf-at PLA 3mm Black 5 lb
adf-at PLA 3mm Opaque Blue 5 lb
bcc PLA* 3mm* Silver* 5 lb
bcc PLA* 3mm* Opaque Blue* 5 lb
bcc ABS* 3mm* Black* 5 lb
gnt PLA* 3mm* Black 2 lb
gnt PLA* 3mm* Silver 1 lb
gnt PLA* 3mm* Lapis Blue 1 lb
gnt PLA* 3mm* Green 1 lb
gnt PLA* 3mm* Red 1 lb
gnt PLA* 3mm* Orange 1 lb
gnt PLA* 3mm* Yellow 1 lb


Table of orders for UltiMachine
Initials Catalog Part# Mfg Part # Descrip Cost Qty Total Price Substitute?
Total (must calc. manually) $60.00

Other Suppliers

Archived (completed) Orders

Ordered 2/21/12 by adf from McMaster-Carr:

Initials Catalog Part# Mfg Part # Descrip Cost Qty Total Price Substitute?
adf 5335K11 PTFE sleeve, 32 AWG (approx 6 in per j-head; I'll share) $0.16/ft 10 (minimum) $1.60 no
adf 8209K11 High temp wire 450C, 20 AWG (approx 2 ft per j-head) $1.24/ft 8 $9.92 no
adf 7432K625 10ft 1/4" Black Spiral Bundling Wrap-Around Sleeving $3.69/spool 1 $3.69 no
Subtotal for adf (must calc. manually) $15.21
gnt 8579K16 PTFE-Filled Delrin® Acetal Resin (Delrin® AF Acetal Resin) $5.63/ft 1 $5.63 no
gnt 8880K77 High-Temperature Nickel Wire (0.025" dia.) $12.80/spool (1/8 lb.) 1 $12.80 no
gnt 7648A715 1" Kapton Tape $10.51/roll (5 yard) 1 $10.51 no
gnt 8209K11 High temp wire 450C, 20 AWG $1.24/ft 4 $4.96 no
gnt 6391k163 SAE 841 Bronze Sleeve Bearing for 5/16" Shaft Diameter, 7/16" OD, 1/2" Length $0.60 8 $4.80 no
Subtotal for gnt (must calc. manually) $38.70
Total (must calc. manually) $50.71

Scratch Area

Other Raw Materials\Scratch Area

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