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Overview of Meeting on Tuesday, 9/21

Notes from the Open Meeting:

  • Member Jeff Crews is working on getting his makerbot working perfectly. Next step: print parts for the RepRap Mendel.
  • Member Aaron Bedra talked about Security Ninjas: Possible 1-day class on basic website audit technique.
  • Member Justis Peters shared his OpenCV project from SparkCon with everyone. Sweet! Possible class on that when Justis becomes a total pro if there's interest.
  • BarCampRDU Registration is September 23rd and 10am -- Get registered before it sells out! (It's free)
  • Raleigh/Cary Space is working on early formation-- Join their Google group and talk with @jjx if you're interested in a Raleigh/Cary space in the Cary/NCSU area!
  • Michael from The Carrboro Computer Recyclery startup project stopped in to announce his efforts. He would like to meet at the space Saturday, October 9th, to talk with members of SplatSpace and do a basic breakdown of computer parts and repair. Time TBA.

Notes from the Organizational Meeting

  • We chose the name SplatSpace. Logo in progress.

Bylaws Edits:

  • Quorum -- 3/4 or 2/3? We need to solidify the number, decide if people can vote by proxy, and make it clear in the Bylaws.
  • May be challenging for some people to make it to meetings
Add vote by proxy? Discuss.
Adjust quorum numbers to be clearer.
  • What are the requirements for member resignation? Be clearer in Bylaws.
Pause membership for 3 months without having to go through membership process again.
  • Dues payments: Subscriptions -- Spreedly?? <-- Contact Nathaniel (Aaron to e-mail/contact)
  • Bring in outside public to our board meetings to get the word out and get influential people in the door.
  • Add in bylaws: Director of Public Relations -- Brian Russell interested.
  • Jon interested in helping develop website

Attended: Alan, Drew, Lenore, Brian R., Jon, Ashley, Victor, Charlotte, Scott, Josh, Jeff, Mark

  • MIBS rules are like Robert's Rules -- created for emphasis on consensus outside of meetings. Perfect for a hackerspace set up where a lot of decisions need to be made in between monthly board meetings -- read up on them on the Google Group page!
  • We'll try a mock meeting and have a cheatsheet available for meeting participants.
  • October 5th will be the day we vote in members of the board. Sign up on the wiki if you're interested!