Steampunk Breadboard

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I'm working on something now that I've dubbed the "Steampunk Breadboard." It's basically a tricked out breadboard / experimenter's station, built to have something of a steampunk aesthetic. The base of the thing is dark wood (it was display sample from a hardwood flooring dealer, something I found at The Scrap Exchange), with some brass trimmings, bolted on with a combination of brass screws and black oxide finish hex-socket cap screws.

On top, I'm screwing down 6 of the generic Radio Shack modular breadboards, snapped together to give me plenty of tie points and independent rails. At the front of the top surface is going to be a power supply adapter setup... it'll have an ATX connector for plugging into a generic PC power supply, and banana plug taps for each of the important voltages: 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and -12V. But to make it even more useful, I'm going to add a couple of LM317 adjustable voltage regulators, and a couple of taps for arbitrary voltage levels. So if I need to "dial up" 7.5V or 9V or whatever, it'll be right there.

Then, to finish it off, I'm going to squeeze in one of those black plastic "snap in" Arduino holders that holds an Uno, and beside that will go (probably) an ISA bus style edge card connector, with the pins brought out to headers, an old-fashioned "Dr. Frankenstein's lab" style DPDT knife-edge switch, maybe an old brass morse key, and probably some screw terminals.

Here's a batch of pictures of how it's coming so far: