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Carl Frega


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Scott Hall

contact:, 919-624-5973, at Splat*Space meetings
please contact ahead so I can bring it to a meeting

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TIP120 NPN Epitaxial Darlington-Pair Transistor 5A, TO-220 case $0.25 ea Datasheet Tip120.jpg
Sparkfun Breadboard Baseplate $2.00 obo fits half-size breadboard; use foam tape to mount microcontroller board Dev11632.jpg
Queen-sized Wire Bed Frame, by Spa Sensations, 14in high, no box spring needed $50.00 obo both halves, $30 for good half, $20 for half needing repair one side needs re-welding; each half futon sized; perfect for mounting light decorations Bedframe.jpg
Black Gaffer's Tape, 12 mil 76 mesh, 2" wide X 60 yards $15 roll Natural rubber adhesive with a tensile strength of 40 lbs/in -- less residue than duct tape, won't ruin carpets, cabling, or hard objects, better weather resistance Gafftape.jpg


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