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The purpose of this page is to provide a home where members and non-members alike can combine personal orders of Tools in order to combine for quantity discounts and to save on shipping costs.

Use this page to add a list of non-time-critical Tools you want. When to total reaches $250 or so, an order moderator will put together an order to be placed and notify you via email for payment. When all of the funds are received the order will go out and the parts will be shipped to the moderator to bring to the next meeting.

The Order moderator reserves the right to select from which vendor to order, and to substitute for equivalent like parts unless you mark below.


Table of persons placing orders
(suggest each person choose a unique color)
Name Email Addr Initials
Scott Hall sgh
Jeffrey Crews jc
Phillip Rhodes spr

Open Orders


Table of personal tools orders for Snap-On
Initials Catalog Part# Mfg Part # Descrip Cost Qty Total Price Substitute?
spr BLPTHEXS1418 Blue-Point Set, Socket Driver, Stubby Hex, Tamper Resistant, inches/metric, Blue-Point, 18 pcs. $71.95 1 $71.95
Total (must calc. manually) $00.00

Other Suppliers

Archived (completed) Orders

None, currently

Scratch Area

A place to paste order related stuff for temporary purposes... maybe something you're not ready to order yet, or stuff you're not 100% sure you want... whatever, use this scratch area to queue stuff up, then just c&p it to the main page when you're ready to go.

Scratch Area

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