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I'm Geoff. I'm a software developer by trade. Taterpeel is a nickname that was given to me by the first base player on my T-ball team when I was in 2nd grade. Now that I'm older, I've recovered from the trauma of that sport. (Have you ever seen a kid strike out in T-Ball???) Fortunately, I became a little more coordinated with age.

Virtual Presence:

Some other usernames behind which I operate in the tubes: neophiliac, leftfield

I have eclectic interests in many aspects of maker culture, in particular hardware and electronics and even more specifically of the open source variety.

I'm interested in:

  • Tools that empower the individual (see:Tools for Conviviality )
  • Personal Fabrication through CNC machines
  • Music and Sound
  • Microcontrollers (AVRs for now)
  • Human-Powered Machines
  • Resilient Communities
  • Personal energy production and storage


  • RepRap Prusa Mendel
  • Mantis PCB Milling Machine

Ideas that have caught my eye:

  • Reclaim Your Mind Terence McKenna
  • Global Guerrillas - A chance encounter with a Xeni Jardin tweet about a BoingBoing interview with John Robb caused me to immedatiately take my life on a different trajectory which eventually landed me at Splat Space. (Such is life with the internet)

Things that have caught my eye: