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Moving committee: Steve H, Jeff C, Darren B, Mark C, James P, Sean A, Jeffrey W, Carl K, Cate G, Lenore L, Geoffrey T, Joe D, Mike B, Pete S, Shaw T



Contact existing tenants in Lakewood and see if they can give us approximate utility cost Jeffrey W, Geoffrey T
Get additional info from Brad regarding the state of the roof and past repairs, sample lease etc. Carl K
Continue to look for other locations, get details, arrange site visits Steve H
Revisit Scrap Exchange space now that they have moved in
Contact other organizations like Reinvestment Partners, City/County Government, UDI, Scientific Properties for non-profit friendly rental opportunities Darren B, Jeff C
If we aren't moving get Ron to check the status of the roof fan and

get drawings from Maverick Reality or from the county so we can get our venting for the laser done

Jeff C
Attempting to light a fire under peoples asses Darren B


These are the things we must have in a space.

  • Classroom space; i.e. not just a workshop.
  • Restroom facilities
  • Broadband internet hookup
  • Differently abled accessible (e.g. ramps, elevators)
  • Accessible parking/van parking
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom(s) (space for a wheelchair on one of the sides of the toilet)
  • Airconditioned space, or the ability to provide it at a financially reasonable rate


These are nice to haves, in no particular order. Note that as various members likely want opposing things, given items may very well contradict each other. That's good! It means we can start talking about what makes the most people happiest.

  • Larger space than we have now
  • Close to downtown
  • At ground-level (at least in part)
  • Easy to bring in large items (e.g. arcade cabinets, appliances)
  • Availability of 220V/240V power connections (could be needed in the future for larger/more exotic tools and equipment)
  • Good ventilations for welding/laser cutting and other tools techniques we can't use now
  • Parking lot
  • A separate room, with AC, we can put noisy servers in
  • A separate room or area we can just pile everything in so there's less contention about keeping items around

Possible Locations

UDI Resource Center - 800 N Mangum St

Website Photos

  • Added to List on: 8/29/2014
  • Cost: 800-1400
  • Square feet: variable, building is about 25,000
  • Aircon: yes
  • Heat: yes
  • Type of space: Office
  • Utilties: split between tenants
  • Internet: ?
  • Bathrooms: Yes
  • Parking: Yes


  • Renovated space that is still relatively cheap
  • Outside access to one of the available spaces
  • Lots of common areas that we could use that wouldn't cost us anything


  • Most of the building is split up into small offices

Ample Storage Center - 715 East Geer St


  • Added to List on: 8/11/2014
  • Cost: ?
  • Square feet: 2,200
  • Aircon: ?
  • Heat: ?
  • Type of space: Warehouse
  • Utilties: ?
  • Internet: ?
  • Bathrooms: Yes
  • Parking: ?

Quote from Craigslist Ad: "We currently have one 2200 Sqft office/warehouse space available at our Trinity Ave warehouse plaza. This unit has a lobby and bathroom in the front with a roll up door workshop in the back. This unit can be modified to fit almost any type of business.

This location is perfect for an expanding landscaping business, contractors or any company looking for a large warehouse with a small lobby/office space."


  • Large warehouse space
  • Rollup Bay Door


  • Must subdivide the area into lab/workshop space
  • No A/C in warehouse space, no word yet on the office.

Rosetta Dr


  • Cost: ?
  • Square feet: ?
  • Aircon: No
  • Heat: Partial
  • Type of space: Warehouse
  • Utilties: Not included
  • Internet: Needs to be wired up, not included
  • Bathrooms: Available in the other artist's space, accessible?
  • Parking: A large, fenced in lot. Requires manually opening a gate for people to use it. Very dark, no external lighting.

Rosetta Dr is a large warehouse space. The space is shared with a metal artist, but his space is divided off from the space we would be using. The majority of the space is underground, there is a window at the front of the space alongside the entrance.

There is no division within the space--there was some indication the landlord would be willing to do modifications/renovations, with attendant increases in cost.


  • Large warehouse space
  • Landlord willingness to renovate


  • Location is a ways away from anything else downtown, hidden in a residential area.


Photo Another photo One more photo

  • Cost: ?
  • Square feet: ?
  • Aircon: Partial
  • Heat: Partial
  • Type of space: Warehouse
  • Utilities: Not included
  • Internet: ?
  • Bathrooms: ?
  • Parking: Small fenced in parking lot, requires manual opening of a gate.

Broadway is one industrial bay and a small office area. It is shared with another business who may be moving out, at which point we could occupy the entire space. We would need to buildout in order to have an air conditioned space suitable for our needs. Whether modifications are possible isn't yet known--we need to meet up with the landlord.



W Corporation

Photos More photos

  • Cost: 1100
  • Square feet:?
  • Aircon: Yes
  • Heat: Yes
  • Type of space: Warehouse
  • Utilities: Not included
  • Internet: Wired up, but not included
  • Bathrooms: One tiny bathroom, not accessible
  • Parking: A large, fenced in lot. Requires manually opening a gate for people to use it. Didn't see it at night, but there didn't appear to be any lighting.

W Corporation is a divided warehouse. It has two rooms, both large, both industrial. One has a garage door as an entryway. Heating in one room is provided by a wood burning stove; the other has a heater. There is no airconditioning, but it may be possible to install ductless airconditioning in the smaller room with the garage door. It includes a large fenced lot and has a covered outdoor space.

It needs modifications to suit our needs (in particular the bathroom) but the landlord is amenable to us doing it ourselves; the bathroom however requires a contractor, as plumbing/electric is involved in any sort of redesign.

It also has a problem with water; the previous tenant reports that there are leaks down most walls, and we saw standing water in one of the two rooms on the last visit.


  • Large space
  • Pretty good location
  • Two separate rooms allow us to separate the work/storage from meetup areas


  • Needs work for AC
  • Needs work for accessible bathrooms

Snow Building

  • Cost: 1400
  • Square feet: Annex: Approx 550. Main Room: ??
  • Aircon: Yes
  • Heat: Yes
  • Type of space: Office
  • Utilities: Included
  • Internet: Included
  • Bathrooms: Two bathrooms, accessible
  • Parking: Large city lot; free on weekends/evenings, lit.

The Snow Building is our current space. If we stay, the property manager has offered to give us the current conference room, control of the back stairs, and add venting to the either our current space or the conference room. Rent will increase. They will also replace the carpet if we continue to have complaints about odor.


  • No moving
  • We would be given control of the back door up the stairs in the downstairs hallway, granting us our own door we could keep unlocked during meetings/events
  • We would be given ventilation either in the conference room (which now be ours) or in the current room
  • Having two separate rooms would allows us to separate storage/work areas from meetup areas.


  • Parking costs money a good part of the time
  • Very cramped for space
  • Acoustics don't support meetings + tool usage
  • Conference room not easy to use
  • No windows
  • Basement location: stairs/elevator access painful
  • Back access via parking feels unsafe to many people
  • No actual industrial space

Lakewood Shopping Center (co-location with Scrap Exchange)


  • Cost: ?
  • Square feet:?
  • Aircon: Yes
  • Heat: Yes
  • Type of space: Movie theater
  • Utilities: ?
  • Internet: ?
  • Bathrooms: 2 bathrooms in relatively good shape
  • Parking: Huge lot with minimal conflicts with other tenants

Not a lot of information about what our space would be. The building is under contract with the Scrap Exchange. Once the due-diligence period is over the Scrape Exchange will be in a position to talk to us about what our space requirements would be. This will occur on October 28, 2013. At the site visit the Durham Bike Co-op was in attendance as they are being priced out of their location on Washington Street and are also interested in co-locating. The building is being sold for around $850000 and $75000 is being held in escrow for site repairs/upgrades. The Scrap Exchange has additional funds which they will use for even further upgrades. Their current lease at Golden Belt extends until March 2014. This building was originally a one screen movie theater expanded to two screens sometime in the 90's. Duke surplus was at this location for a while in the 90's. It's also been the site of a church and concert venue. Duke spent a considerable amount of money on the building with upgraded heating, ac and networking.

Utilities Costs for Other Tenants:

  • Making Choices*: Pays ~$450-500/month for Internet, heating, and AC. Making Choices uses 10,000 square feet.