12x20 Full Spectrum Laser

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As of May 2017

The laser is alive and well. Development of a tutorial guide is underway. For information, please contact Matt Plonski <matt at tralfazsolutions dot com>, Pete Soper <pete at soper dot com>, or Michelle Mayfield <molamoladiver at yahoo dot com>.

Full Spectrum Hobby 12x20 Laser

Full Spectrum Support Information

Todo List

  • Get the ethernet cables and switch, et al AWAY FROM THE LASER so that when folks are forced to do custom connections they don't render the laser unusable by disturbing its connection to the PC. A separate, dedicated switch with a well marked connection to the wired ethernet that is well hidden behind or under the laser cutter desk is in order, with the "regular" ethernet switch that people are modifying from time to time conspicuous but several feet away from the desk.