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Officer Announcements


Laser cutter status: - we are searching for the old laser tube, which was still functional, and would aid in troubleshooting - Brian L. said he has an old tube, and will bring it to the space to use in testing

General equipment 'stewardship': - it was proposed that a member be designated as the official steward for each piece of equipment at Splat. The steward would be the central contact person when issues arise, and responsible for coordinating trouble-shooting and repair efforts. - volunteers - Jeff C, vinyl cutter; Tony G, wide-format printer; Sarah S, Lulzbot - including a second person in the process for each piece of equipment would be a good way to train more members to maintain the equipment - Meagen V will organize this effort

Lease at 800 N Mangum: - given the likely timeline for our move to Suite #24, we should take steps to extend our current lease by a few more months - Sarah S will send landlord contact info to Brian L, who will then contact landlord

Timeline for move to Suite #24:


Super Graphic will likely move out of the back of #24 by the end of June. We can no longer count on the $500/month income.

Public Relations

Member Reports

Upcoming Events

Trash/Recycling Volunteer