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Agenda for 8/7/2018 Tuesday Splatspace Business Meeting

Approve minutes: Consent Agenda:

New Business:

Initiate dicussions on

1. (Meagan) Social Media (Aaron Avaril)

2. (Meagan) Cleaning

3. (Peter) Electronics

4. (Brian) LASER: Being process of considering repair/replace/duplicate

     Determine an agenda item for disposition of:
     Full Spectrum wants us to officially assign our ownership of Laser cutter.
     They $300 for this.
     Considerations: Cost of a new laser cutter, when will we be upgrading, etc.

5. (Brian) Call for new equipment suggestions:

   Start a process to create a short list of equipment to acquire.
   * 3D printer
   * Laser cutter
   * Metal bandsaw (drop saw)?
   * 3D printer/router/laser etcher ($800)
   * Cordless Drills

6. (Dawn) How/Where to Keep Track of Splat Documents (beyond the Wiki)

We need to decide how to handle documents:

  * Secure vs. insecure documents?
  * Blank membership agreements (not secure, should be available at any time)
  * embership account information (secure, should be available to Board, etc.)
  * Other items (Members of Splatspace, not for publication/robots etc.)
  Repositories?  Dropbox? Bitbucket?

7. Announce schedule for Agenda Meeting.

Old Business: Officer Reports: Member Reports: Trash: Adjourn: