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501c3 questions to answer

Part 1

Corp name


Month annual accounting period ends

Primary contact


Date Incorp

Part 2

5) Copy of bylaws with date of adoption

Part 3

1-2) Answered in Art. of Incorp

Part 4


Part 5

1a) Contact info for officers

3a) name, qualifications, average hours worked, and duties.

501c3 Other docs

Part 2

1) Copy of Articles of Incorp

501c3 ToDo

Bylaw edits

Part 5

4a) Conflict of interest policy

4b) "approve compensation arrangements in advance of paying compensation?"

4c) "document in writing the date and terms of approved compensation arrangements?"

4d) "record in writing the decision made by each individual who decided or voted on compensation arrangements?"

4e) "approve compensation arrangements based on information about compensation paid by similarly situated..."

4f) "record writing both the information on which you relied to base your decision and its source?"

5a) "conflict of interest policy"