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(Public Relations Officer)
(Directors at Large (2 needed))
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==Directors at Large (2 needed)==
==Directors at Large (2 needed)==
Elected: Ashley, Mike
Other candidates: Lenore, JC, Ashley, Josh, Justis, Lisa, Mike, Chris
To be determined
To be determined

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Positions are described in detail in the Bylaws. Board members are required to attend all meetings on the First Tuesday of the month from 7-8pm, and must maintain current, voting member status.





Vice President

Elected: Justis

Other Candidates: Lenore, Chris




Elected: Lisa

Other candidates: Mike, Drew

Public Relations Officer

Elected: Lenore

Other candidates: Ashley

Since we don't have a description of this position, I've been throwing around some ideas, such as:

The Public Relations Officer is responsible for overseeing, planning, and implementing the direction of Public Relations for SplatSpace. The PR Officer may delegate responsibilities to individual members to help with various areas of Public Relations as deemed necessary. (My proposition would be to create a PR Committee, with one person assigned to each of the following-- and the PR Officer overseeing/reporting/helping with all areas as needed.)

  • Media (website content/blogging/updating social media outlets/press releases) (Might also want to add a separate position for web/wiki admin?)
  • Community Outreach (What is our value to the community? How do we increase and/or publicize that value? How do we develop a strategy this? (Good start to our 501c3 purposes)
  • Event Coordination (Someone to set up events within our space and also partner with others outside of our space. Coordinate with our hackerspace movements in the area to form alliances and hold large-scale events for the tech community)
  • New member recruitment (To some extent, everyone's responsibility. Attend meetups, attend Splat Space events and talk with people about membership, "infiltrate" all areas of surrounding tech and art community to spread the word about Splat Space. Also, might be helpful to have this person specifically delegated towards welcoming new members to the space and giving them a brief tour/introducing them to others)
  • Promotional design(?) (put together basic fliers and promo materials for large events)

Rather than assigning one person all of these resposibilities, it might be best to delegate each area of PR to a specific person and then give that person a title such as "Community Outreach Coordinator"/"Event Coordinator"/"Media Coordinator"/etc -- all working together as part of the PR committee.

The PR committee could meet monthly to coordinate on things. The role of the PR officer would be to organize these monthly meetings, report to the board on the status of upcoming events/general PR-related stuff, update board on new members, and make sure all outlets are being covered appropriately. PR Officer could also take on additional responsibilities within the committee as desired.

Side note: PR is important-- and not just for recruiting new members. On our road to 501c3, we need to develop a strategic plan around how we are going to serve the community. Some things I can think about off the top of my head involve planning classes and events for free or very little cost to the community, getting the word out about these events, creating bridges between the art & tech communities, and just generally being open to the public for socializing and collaboration-- the sort of collaboration that hopefully/ultimately breeds innovation and contributes to the vibrancy of the overall community. All of that fluffygood PR stuff. :)

So-- some things we're going to want to consider from a PR standpoint is how we go about doing that ^^ and how we put it onto paper as well as how we implement it. We're going to want to, at some point, begin our 501c3 paperwork. I feel like we'll be more successful with that and also with recruiting new members if we have an effective committee designed around PR and outreach. What do you guys think?


Directors at Large (2 needed)

Elected: Ashley, Mike

Other candidates: Lenore, JC, Ashley, Josh, Justis, Lisa, Mike, Chris


To be determined