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  • Note: This is currently assuming 0 fundraising and 0 donations. I don't expect that to be the case. These numbers are geared towards finding out if complete dependence on member-only contributions is sustainable. Member recruitment, fundraising, and donation (solicitation) are all aspects which figure into this budget as well, and will need to be discussed by the group. [ashley]
  • All numbers are in reference to the Snow Building space in Downtown Durham.


Expense Monthly Yearly
Rent $895* $10740*
Internet $130 $1560
Insurance $50? $600
MISC $100 $1200
Bank Charges (Paypal, checking, etc.)
Accountant Fees
Annual Org Fees (NC state incorp, FED 501c3 fee)
Office Supplies (paper, drinks, coffee, etc)
Startup Costs (Equipment, furniture, Events, etc)
Marketing (flyers, stickers, etc.)
TOTAL $1175 $14,100
  • First month rent free with 12 months paid rent gives us time to get start-up donations from prospective founding members ($100-200 donations get you immediate 24/7 access and voting rights in the initial month? TBD) for first month's rent, gather equipment donations, and get bylaws and "messy" stuff into place (member access, how we run the space, etc) before beginning serious member recruitment.
  • Lease length: 13 months
  • Expenses included in rent: janitorial, electric (heating/cooling), common area
  • Count everything that costs money. Even if you think you can get it for free. Much better to over estimate than under estimate.

Dues Analysis

number of members monthly to cover
10 $117.50
15 $78.30
20 $58.75
30 $39.16
40 $29.38

Income/Expense Summary

(assuming 30 members @ $50/month or 15 members (start-up mode) @ $100/month)

Source Monthly Yearly
Dues $1500 $18000
Fundraising $0 $0
Donations $0 $0
Total Income $1500 $18000
Total Expenses $1175 $14,100
Balance $325 $3900