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A lot of Splat'ers are into electronics / Arduino / etc.. and here are some interesting links to articles and stuff for the electronics hobbyist.

Components / Parts Suppliers

See Electronics Parts Orders for group orders with other SplatSpace members. Group orders are a good way to save on shipping costs, and on component costs through volume discounts.

Prototype PC Board Vendors

Here is a trivial comparison of sources for PC board fabrication suitable for prototyping. All provide boards with plated-through holes, solder masks and silk screening. The first four sources are hobby-oriented and have relatively longish, "it is what it is" lead times, while the last source is a highly regarded pro vendor. All but Seeedstudio offer ENIG (gold) finish and this was used for comparison and should be considered to keep the Seeedstudio price in perspective.

The table is purely from studying web sites and forum msgs, not from direct experience!

--Petesoper 10:03, 29 September 2012 (MDT)

Vendor Loc 2 layer cost Est total for 3 2"x2" bds, cheap shipping wks order=>NC Slots?
OSH Park OR $1.67/sq inch $20 (free shipping) 2 Y
BatchPCB CO $10 setup + $2.50/sq inch $44 4 N
Seeedstudio China $0.25/sq in for 10 2"x2" bds $14 (10 bds) (tin finish!) 4 N
ITeadstudio China $0.75/sq in for 10 2"x2" bds $37 (10 bds) 4 N
Advanced Circuits CO see web site $120 for 4 bds <= 60 sq in ea 1 N

Here is a beautiful example of three "sub-boards" made by OSH Park.



Some useful discussion forums / boards / blogs / wikis / etc

Using MOSFETs with Arduino

Using Power MOSFETs with an Arduino, to control high current / high-voltage devices, is not always as straightforward as it might appear. Here are several articles and Arduino.cc forum threads that speak to using MOSFETs / using MOSFETs with Arduino.

Using Surface Mount Components

Surface Mount to DIP Adapters

Using Transistors

Using 555 / 556 Timer ICs

Using Op-Amps

LM317 (Adjustable) Voltage Regulator

Oscillators / Inverters

Other Interesting ICs

Hacking PC Power Supplies


See Also