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To mail a cupcake to another hackerspace in pristine condition. We can mail ours to the Tokyo hackerspace... but perhaps we should also mail one within the states just in case it gets seized by customs? :) -ashley


  • Cupcake must be a standard sized or larger cupcake with frosting and at least one sugar based topper/decoration.
  • The cupcake should be home made or in the hackerspace, points to be deducted for store bought cupcakes.
  • Distance must exceed 1600 kilometres (1000 miles) Measured in a straight line, bonus points for over seas.
  • The package can have dimensions up to 30cm by 30cm by 30cm (1ft by 1ft by 1ft) and weight up to 2kgs (4lbs).
  • The package must be sent by a reasonably priced shipping method, days in transit will be considered in the scoring.
  • A video must be taken while opening the package and uploaded to Youtube or similar.
  • All participating spaces must have their ustream or similar link on the matrix page during the Synchronous Hackathon.


The recieving hackerspace will be the judge of the condition of the cupcake.

Judging Criteria ((1-10) on each)

  1. The creativity of method used to stabilize the cupcake
  2. The stability of mixture / quality of ingredients
  3. Appearance
  4. Taste
  5. Condition


The scoring will contain various factors. In addition to the Judging Criteria listed above you can also score based on:

  • A before blog post (Spread the word about the Cupcake Challenge and add your link to the spreadsheet) +1 for this <-going to do this this weekend -ashley
  • An after blog post (A writeup of the cupcake you recieved) +1
  • Holding a hackathon - If your space will be open for people to use during the hackathon +1 here, please make sure your space is listed on this month's Synchronous Hackathon page --- I already added us to this list and have set up a ustream channel for the event. -ashley


All hackerspaces and members of them. Coordinate which hackerspace you will be sending to and recieving from in this google spreadsheet (which will be used to tally the scores) <- Jeff and I have both contacted people in the Tokyo hackerspace.


Cupcakes will be created and packaged during the Synchronous Hackathon the weekend of January 15th and shipped out the first postal day thereafter (Monday for us). The winning Hackerspace will be announced once the final cupcake is received and scored.


Splat Space! Jan 15 & 16

Cupcake recipes

Suggest your favourite cupcake recipe -- Splatters: who is gonna bake?! I think we had a few volunteers, but let's make sure we have a cupcake first. :)

I haven't tried these recipes yet but I've heard good things.

Importing Food

Most countries operate strict border controls on importing food stuffs, especially when they contain animal products like milk and eggs. A gift of a single cupcake for personal use should normally fall into an exempted category. This section collects relevant information for participating countries and regions.


Any shipments within Europe should have no problems. Shipments from outside Europe should also be exempt, as per Commission Regulation (EC) No 206/2009.

  7. Exempted animal products
     The following products are exempted from the rules explained previously:
     -- bread, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and confectionery (including sweets) not mixed or filled with meat product,
     -- any other food product not containing any fresh or processed meat or dairy and with less than 50 % of processed egg or fishery products.

Meeting Notes 1/9

  • 1x1x1' cube
    • with bamboo internal framework
    • cupcake suspended on the inside of the cube with 8 bungee cords
      • cords affixed to each corner of the cube
        • See talk/discussion page for more details!


  • Small bungee cords, elastic string
  • insulation