How to Be A Most Excellent Citizen of Splat Space

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How To Be A Most Excellent Citizen of Splat Space

This first thing to know is that Splat Space is member-run, member-supported, and member driven non-profit makerspace and hackerspace. We function like a co-op. We have no employees. Some people have joined the space believing it to be a tool-share and have later come away with an understanding that we are more than that. Yes, we have tools, but more importantly, we have a brain trust of some pretty amazing artists, tinkerers, electricians, hackers, engineers, wood-workers, metal workers, gamers, get the idea.

Splat Space is proud to have members of many different and unique viewpoints. We want to promote inclusiveness and think our community benefits from it. We encourage free, open, and respectful exchange of ideas, skills and talents. For everyone's benefit, please Be Excellent to Each Other by being tolerant and respectful. We want no one to feel marginalized or intimidated but to tell us if they do. You are welcome here.

Some guidelines:


Please clean up after yourself! If you leave the space a mess and then later notice it was clean, it was only because someone else came in and cleaned up after you. They probably aren't that happy about having to do that.

Be nice to the equipment!!! If something is wrong with a machine, please let the Board at Splat Space know by emailing:

If you are the only one in the space, and need to leave: make sure the machines that need to be off are off, turn off all the lights, and please make sure to completely close the hallway doors that lead into our space. That hallway enters into the rest of the building and we do not own or rent anything but our space in our building.

Get involved!!! We'd love to see you at Open Meetings and hear your voice when we need member input! If you have skills you'd like to share or contribute, by all means volunteer to do so!

Most importantly: IF YOU DON'T KNOW, PLEASE ASK

No one will laugh at you or think you are dumb for asking. We were all beginners once in something. Many of us are perpetual beginners because we try new things frequently and with gusto.

Pay Your Dues! It's how we keep the lights on and the space rented.

Here's a run-down of frequently asked questions:

I want to use XX machine, what do I do?

Find a member who knows how to use it and ask them kindly to teach you the safe way to use this machinery. Please don't just read some online resources and assume you know how to use a table saw or a laser cutter, or a 3d printer. Just ask.

I have a project and I want to do XX with it, but don't know how. Who should I ask?

Check our Meetup group! We have anything from Raspberry Pi meetups to a sewing to jewelry making groups. Coming to Tuesday meetings is also a great way to meet people and get a good idea of who in the group can help you with your question.

Can my friend use your equipment while she's here with me?

Only if your friend is also a dues paying member and has signed our membership agreement.

How the heck do you get out of this place at night?

If you've come on foot, there is an interior door that lead out to Corporation street, we'd be happy to show it to you. If you have come into the lot from Corporation at night and that gate is now closed, you can leave at the exit gates on Roxboro or Mangum. They should automatically open when you drive up to them.

I am a member and I'd like to host a Meetup here, what do I do?

Email the Splat Space board: We can help you get set up with organizer privileges on Meetup and help you figure out the best time and schedule for your Meetup. We can also probably figure out if another more experienced member can be there to help if you need it.

Thank you for supporting Splat Space!