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Soldering.jpg Solder On!    Soldering Iron.gif

SplatSpace held its first week of Learn to Solder classes in November, also known as Learn to Solder Month. We're taking the month of December off and will resume our Learn to Solder workshops in January. Our goal is to have a Learn to Solder Class every two months or so, interspersed with other beginning electronics workshops.

The Learn to Solder class is open to all -- you do not need to be a member of SplatSpace to participate. We invite folks working on robotics, RC planes, trains, automobiles and boats, scale modeling, ham radio, anyone who has an interest to learn a little electronics.

SplatSpace has a lot of resources to make this kind of class happen. We have complete Learn to Solder kits available with everything you would need for $30, add another $10 for a 7-Function multimeter and solder sucker. See: Scott's Learn to Solder Kits If you don't have the budget to own your own tools and supplies, we have misc. electronics components, many soldering stations and tools for public use, and the talent to teach each other! Separate functional electronic kits are available for $10:
List of Learning Kits.png
or you can order your own. Here is small a list of electronic kit dealers:

Latest Catalog DownloadRamsey Cat tn.png

Here is a good handout on assembling electronic kits, including soldering instructions and tips, from various sources: Kit Building tn.pngFile:Kit Construction Manual.pdf   Soldering Tips.pngFile:Soldering Tips.pdf   Solder Joints.pngSoldering Guide

Look out for our next Learn to Solder class in June 2011 or sign up here if you want to be notified directly.

Sign Up

You can contact Scott Hall: ScottGHall1@Gmail.Com Please specify if you are bringing your own tools and kit to solder, would like to use the public tools available at SplatSpace, or would like to purchase a complete toolset and kit that you can keep afterwards.

  • Add Your Name & email, and state whether you want a complete tools & kit ($25), kit only ($10), or will be bringing your own.