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If you can help out at the booth, please add your name below. Also, please include an estimate as to how much time you think you could be there. The more people who help, the easier it is for all the volunteers to see the rest of MakerFaire.

Darren and Mauricio are showing up at 09:00 to setup the booth. Technically, we're supposed to be there at 08:00.

The doors open to the public at 10:00 and close at 17:00. We should be packed up and gone by 18:00.

Please visit the Doodle poll to specify when you could be available to volunteer. In the list below, please specify how many hours you're willing to volunteer. On the Doodle poll, specify all the slots when you could be available, even if that totals to more than you're offering below:

  • Scott Hall (4 hours)
  • Justis Peters (4 hours)
  • Darren Boss (2 hours)
    • 10-12 if possible - Darren
  • Mauricio J. Borgen (2 hours)
  • Peter Reintjes (2 hours)
  • Lenore Ramm (2 hours) (she's busy volunteering for MakerFaire from 13:00 to 16:00)
  • Jeff Wojtowicz (might be able to come)
  • Skippy (not sure yet if he can come, 2 hours if he can)
  • Alan & Ashley (4 hours in the afternoon)
  • Jeff Crews (if FabLab isn't too busy)


If you have ideas for semi-structured activities we could host at the booth, please add them here.

  • Arudino Hack Afternoon (2pm to 5pm, already scheduled on
  • making t-shirts (only if we have a mop sink)
  • how to solder (consider using this comic book: Soldering is Easy)
  • intro to arduino
  • watch Scott Hall make clocks on the scroll saw


We should have lots of cool stuff to show off at the booth. If you have a project you can demo, please include it here.

  • piano player
  • 3D LED cube (Skippy)
  • transmogriframe (Justis)
  • Scott Hall running the scroll saw?
  • Tweet-a-watt (Darren)
  • Trip Glasses (Darren)
  • TV-B-Gone (Darren)
  • ShairPort - Speaker sharing via Airtunes make possible by reverse engineering the encryption keys from an Airport Express (Darren)
  • theremin (projector or monitor for visualization instead of audio?)
  • Ron Craig's doorduino
  • SplatSpace doorduino
  • Aquarium Arduino (Aaron Bedra)


From Jon Danforth regarding makerfaire set up:

  • Can anyone volunteer for set up on Saturday morning, 8 am? or Friday between 12 and 6?*

1. If at all possible please try to set up on Friday at the fairgrounds between noon and 6pm.

2. The opening reception starts at 8:00 at TechShop RDU, you should have received an e-vite already. If you didn't get it, let me know.

3. If you can't make it on Friday afternoon to setup then please be at the fairgrounds promptly at 8am to set up.

4. Feel free to e-mail me or call this week with last-minute questions but consult the information packet first; most of the answers are in there.

5. We have a floorplan but we are still tweaking it as things change (cancellations, power requirements, last minute stuff). It will be available onsite on Friday and your exhibit name will be in the booth so you'll know where to go.

6. If you requested power I request that you bring an extension cord and a plugging strip. Most people just wanted somewhere to plug in a laptop and this will make things far easier. Make sure you put your name on your materials.

7. Now is the time to start making noise with your local media. They love personal stories about the Makers and the event gives them a great photo opportunity. We are doing event-wide publicity but I suggest you talk to newspapers and TV about your own angle. Press will be granted free entry into the Faire.

8. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is YOUR Maker Faire. North Carolina is a better place because of you and what you do. This event exists to share your talents with your community.