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* [[NovemberNinth2010|November 9, 2010]]
* [[NovemberNinth2010|November 9, 2010]]
* [[DecemberSeventh2010|December 7, 2010]]
* [[DecemberSeventh2010|December 7, 2010]]
== November 9, 2010 ==
=== Agenda ===
# Approve draft minutes of the last meeting
# Consent Agenda
## I propose that we ratify the [[Bylaws]] (Alan)
# Officer Reports
## [[President]]
## [[Vice-President]]
## [[Treasurer]]
## [[Secretary]]
# Member Reports
# New Business
# Adjournment
=== Minutes ===
Attendance: Alan Dipert, Brandon Benvie , Darren Boss, Jeff Crews, Lisa Lorenzin, Mike Broome, Peter Reintjes, Ed Robertson, Mark Corzine, Lenore Ramm, Tom Meehan, Ashley McClelland, Justis Peters, Charlotte Peters
Consent Agenda: Bylaws PASSED
Member Reports: Peter, Jeff, Ed
=Officer Reports=
'''President''' - Alan Dipert
We've come a long way in a short time. Look at decreasing dues as soon
as possible. Really excited about how far we've come. Everyone here is
awesome and our members are awesome. We need a vision for how we
organize the space. People have a lot of great ideas, but we need
documentation. Everyone should document their needs and wants on the
wiki. JC uploaded the schematic for the space last week, and its on
the wiki. Let's strategize using the tools we have (the wiki) and get
our ideas flowing. Put stuff on the wiki, and then let the list know
about your changes.  Use the wiki to talk about the types of things we want to accumulate. Take ownership of ideas.
'''Vice President''' - Justis Peters
Proposes a second survey of member input via survey.
We'll be doing something tonight with the network closet.
'''Treasurer''' - Lisa Lorenzin
We should have a bank account in the next
few days. Justis (Vice President) to be added to bank account. Set up
online website. Setting up account with board@splatspace.org e-mail
Ed's question: 501c3
'''Public Relations Officer''' - Lenore Ramm
Lisa will make a Splat Space
group on LinkedIn. Lenore wrote a press release for lightning
talks. Ashley and Lenore submitted press release to various sources.
=Member Reports=
Ed - Address when things are going to be thrown away and why. (Put your name on it)
Triwebwomen & programmer meetup - in both cases trash can had food in it. Whoever last leaves event should empty trash or put it outside for pick up.
Still has key to book exchange, offered to make Ed a key, unknown time limit. There are bookcase that we could make shelving throughout the room. Nothing would be on the floor, hang a curtain over bookcase to hide stuff.
Organization strategy -- we need one.
If you don't want things thrown away, put your name on it.
Lisa proposes an organizational committee to express interest and relay ideas to the group
Jeff --- member report --
Jeff has done screenprinting before -- we can make a vinyl screen and do our own screenprinting on tshirts that we bring from home.
What to do:
# Organize a date for screenprinting - put together a vinyl cut for Jeff to do at Tech Shop
# Organize a committee for organization.
==== Adjournment ====

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This page aggregates the board meetings for the hacker space.

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