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These are the things we must have in a space.

  • Restroom facilities
  • Broadband internet hookup
  • Differently abled accessible (e.g. ramps, elevators)
  • Accessible parking/van parking
  • Airconditioned space, or the ability to provide it at a financially reasonable rate


These are nice to haves, in no particular order. Note that as various members likely want opposing things, given items may very well contradict each other. That's good! It means we can start talking about what makes the most people happiest.

  • Larger space than we have now
  • Close to downtown
  • At ground-level (at least in part)
  • Easy to bring in large items (e.g. arcade cabinets, appliances)
  • Availability of 220V/240V power connections (could be needed in the future for larger/more exotic tools and equipment)
  • Good ventilations for welding/laser cutting and other tools techniques we can't use now
  • Lot's parking
  • A separate room, with AC, we can put noisy servers in
  • A separate room or area we can just pile everything in so there's less contention about keeping items around
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom(s) (space for a wheelchair on one of the sides of the toilet)

Possible Locations

Rosetta Dr

Photos of building

Cordoba (Warehouse behind Golden Belt)

118 W Parrish St

  • First floor location
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Shared bathrooms on the floor
  • 1 open space with 2 built out rooms in the back
  • 2000 to 2400 sq ft
  • HVAC (controlled/shared for whole building)
  • Internet situation is still unknown

Adding the conference room to our space

It turns out the propery manager for 118 W Parrish St is also our current property manager. Upon figuring out who we were and that we were looking for more space, an offer was made to also rent us the conference room in the Snow Building basement. Still figuring out the details there.