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Starting in October of 2011, we began trying to create several pirateboxes for the space's use.


  • Jeff Crews
  • j.c.sackett
  • Darren Boss

Project Status

The current piratebox data on David Darts wiki seems to be one brittle version that worked for the seagate Darts used.

We have managed an earlier, manually installed version on a seagate dockstar, and are in the process of doing the same with a pogoplug.

We are also combing through the existing piratebox tarball for the actual piratebox software, which we plan on making debian packages out of.


For maximal awesome, our Pirate Boxes need be tethered to a wall. To that end, the original pirate box used an expensive battery pack to this happen. This offends my ( Drew's ) sensibilities by being really darned expensive.

So the obvious solution is to build a battery pack to provide power. This also provides an excuse to learn about DC power conversion.

The router runs at 12VDC, at 500mA. The pogoplug takes straight AC, however the power supply board says it runs at 5V. This random pogoplug forum post] implies that the device runs at <5W, so 1A is needed.