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See this pages's [[Talk:MonthlyTriage|talk page]] for specific notes.
See this pages's [[Talk:MonthlyTriage|talk page]] for specific notes.
= Triage Log =
= Triage Log (Pre 2017)=
Below is a log of triage's that have happened.
Below is a log of triage's that have happened.

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(2017) is a monthly clean up Meetup and general improvement day from 10 am til 4 pm. Members come in and sort thru the boneyard, clean, organize, and bring in new stuff/take out old.


(2017) Members volunteer and 'curate' a bench, category, or workspace. They clean, organize, and keep track of supplies such as filament for general member use, solder, and consumables such as trash bags.

______________________ Since we get so much stuff, and we frequently aren't sure where to put, it would be good to have a monthly triage of stuff. Which sounds far more technical than regular cleaning. In essence, we should endeavor to have an agreement in place to regularly have as many people as possible get together to clean up the space. This could be set to a recurring thing, like the 2nd saturday of every month, or an agreement that we will try and schedule a convenient day/evening each month.

While monthly seems like a good bet, once every two months could work as well if it resulted in a greater commitment of people.

We should strive to avoid the bigger events in RDU, since cleaning will likely be trumped by anything else.

See this pages's talk page for specific notes.

Triage Log (Pre 2017)

Below is a log of triage's that have happened.

First Cleanup

Date: December 4th, 10am to 4:30pm.

In the first clean up, we managed to get all the piles of stuff put away and largely sorted. We picked through a number of the computers and winnowed out the ones that met pretty minimal system requirements. We added a set of cheap shelves to one side of the space, created a storage area, changed some of the layout, and got two more tall, shallow shelves against the columns in the space.

Thanks To

  • Darren
  • Ed
  • Peter
  • Jeff
  • Mark
  • Fred (?)
  • [[User:Jcsackett|Jjc]
  • Alan
  • Ashley