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Organizing Our Space

This page is for shaping the organization of the space. This main page is tracking ideas for what we need/have/and are in the process for obtaining.

Please create a new page under Proposals if you have a full proposal for something to do in the space.

Please keep notes about this page in the the talk page.


A more organized, less cluttered, more fun to use space.

Sub goals

  • A place for everything
  • Some description of what's where
  • Inventory system
  • Clear delineation of stuff that everyone can use, and stuff that you should probably ask the owner to use


  • Capture ideas on how to organize the space
  • Identify components (furniture? shelves? other?) needed
  • Put together a couple of proposals for review by the membership
  • Pick a proposal that has consensus support and implement it

Interested Parties

  • Lisa
  • Ed
  • Peter
  • jc
  • Add to this list if your interested!



Need to have

  • A fire proof document case for insurance, business filings, &c. Alternatively have all of this stored offsite.
  • Some sort of filing for user records &c. This could also be off site, but it would be good to have hardcopy on site.
  • Food storage
  • Fire extinguishers.

Nice to have

  • Better lighting.
  • Better diagraming of the space: Feet and inches. Location of wall sockets, pipes, etc. This is a laborious process that can be done slowly.
  • If we get into materials needing it, a safety shower would be nice.
  • Proper work benches. The sort of thing we can slightly burn, scar up, gouge &c.

Available Supplies

  • Two white shelving units, location undetermined (see the talk page).
  • 2 40 watt fluorescent shop lights, obtained by Ed.

Supplies in progress

  • Ed is pursuing used CO2 extinguishers.