Surface mount solder station

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This station was REMOVED from Splat Space in early 2013. The soldering tools are on the ECE workbench now.

The Soldering Area is a work-in-progress workstation for soldering. It is located on the northeast corner of the space, just south of the Fixed Tool Station.

SplatSpace Soldering Area
Soldering Area surrounded by fume hood with heat gun and "third hand" on the left, and frying pan on the right

Current Tools

Currently, the area contains a desk with a soldering iron, an electric frying pan for soldering surface-mount technology devices, "third hand", and a heat gun. An enclosure to serve as a fume hood in the future sits atop the desk.

Proposed Additions

  • Ventilation system
  • Floor covering (we can also rip up the carpet in that corner)