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Jan. 4 meeting suggestions:

  • Camcorder to record projects in progress, add to blogs, YouTube videos, and promote Splat*Space:
    • Example: TigerDirect P229-1124
    • Cost: $29.99
    • Votes for:

Fabricating Tools:

  • 7" Circular Saw
  • Hand Drill (& Power Screwdriver?)
  • Roofer's Square
  • Sanding Blocks & Paper Assortment or Sanding Sponges
  • Paint Brushes -- both regular project sizes, and hobbiest's toll-painting sizes

Proposed tools for ECE Workbench

Combined tool for most of ECE:

  • BitScope Pocket Analyzer
    • combines 2-ch 100MHz o'scope
    • 40 MSps 8-ch logic analyzer
    • serial logic and protocol analyzer (SPI, CAN, I2C, UART & analog)
    • spectrum analyser (RF and baseband)
    • arbitary waveform and protocol patterns function generator
    • and multichannel chart recorder
    • Works on MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android
    • costs $295
    • Votes for: Scott

Alternative Combined ECE tool:

  • Velleman PCSGU250
    • combines 2-ch 12MHz oscilloscope
    • baseband spectrum analyser
    • transient recorder
    • function generator and bode plotter
    • costs $179.00
    • not bad, but not as good a value as we could get, and it won't run on open-source OS's like Linux or Android, and it won't run on a Mac either (is MS Windows only)
    • Votes for:

Other Suggestions:

  • Foo Masher
    • Cost: $x.xx
    • Votes for: Drew