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SplatSpace is naturally divided into various workzones spread over multiple rooms. Each may have one or more workstations to work on many kinds of projects.

A description of the several workzones within SplatSpace:


3D-Printing / Vinyl Cutting Zone

This zone contains 2 3-D printers:

and a Roland GX24 Vinyl Cutter

3D-Printing / Vinyl Cutting Bench (see page for details)

Electronics Zone

A great place to work on an Arduino or Raspberry Pi project, fix old electronics, build an LED fixture, just about everything to do with electronics or programming embedded system. Here you'll find:

We have several pages of additional information:

Woodworking Zone

A Moderately equipped wood shop Woodworking Shop (see page for details)

Workshop Zone

Includes: Multifunction Workshop (see page for details)

  • ShapeOko 2
  • 7x12 Mini Lathe
  • Mini Milling Machine
  • Vice
  • Bench Grinder
  • Power Drills
  • Many Hand Tools
  • Assembly Benches

Gaming / Robotics Zone

Laser Cutter Zone

Laser Cutter (see page for details)

Arts & Crafts Zone

  • Sewing Machine(s)

Arts and Crafts (see page for details)

Meeting Room Zone

Meeting Room (see page for details)

  • Large Screen TV
    • HDMI / S-Video & Compsite inputs
  • Video Projector(s)
  • Tables & Chairs

- replaced with new Computer Stations

  • SplatSpace Server:
    • 2 Decades of Circuit Cellar Magazine articles
    • 1.5 Decades of Elektor Magazine articles
    • Online Tutorials
    • various videos & pictures
    • Linux Distribution ISOs
    • Splat*Space Virtual Business Station

Audio / Video Production Zone

Audio Visual Production Equipment (see page for details)

Community Parts & Personal Storage

Community Parts & Personal Storage (see page for details)