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May 26th, 2020

Board Meeting


  • Come up with a plan to solicit a quorum's worth of votes online, so that business can be conducted
  • Address the Finance Trajectory
    • plan to communicate this to membership
    • soliciting solutions
  • Assess how to allow new members in pandemic scenario
  • Increase activity on social media
    • Seems like there is little to no activity for SplatSpace on social media
    • Posting to social media more often could increase visibility and possibly drive membership
    • - [Blake] is willing to post but we should have several people that can and will post often
  • Is anyone aware of a site where people can sell items and have part of the proceeds go to a non-profit? Something like Amazon Smile but for handmade items.
    • We could encourage members to sell their handmade items if they make them and have part of the proceeds go to SplatSpace
    • If such a site doesn't exist, then I claim this as my idea. Don't steal it. I [Blake] will sue
  • Should we consider starting a GoFundMe or something similar?
    • Should also look into grants and other funding for non-profits/business affected by COVID-19

Member Attendance