2020-09-06 Software Project Night

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Software Project Night (Online), 6 Sep 2020

online code of conduct: [1]

Before COVID-19, Peter R. hosted Software Project Night at Splat as a place where people could come for help with software, small single-board computers (e.g. Arduino and RasPi), electronics, and general questions in the wood and metal shops. In addition, people would stop by for rambling chats involving software and biology.

(At Splat, we're also always happy to see and hear from people who craft or create art.)

This week, Splatspace member Lewis has brought a topic that's blazingly on-topic for Software Project Night: an Arduino sketch to operate a chicken coop File:SoftwareProjectNight200906LewisCoop.pdf.

Several folks have signed up to join us for the first time. We'll go around the circle and give folks a chance to introduce themselves and tell us how their interests intersect with Software Project Night.