2022-03-28 Board Meeting Minutes

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Board Members in Attendance

President (Blake McNeill) - Present

Vice President (Justin Kirk) -

Treasurer (Ryan Patridge) - Present

Secretary (Lewis Scaife) - absent

At-Large (Scott Hall) - Present

At-Large (Andrew Morton) -

At-Large (Eli Hornstein) -


  • Building stuff
  • Nonprofit business PayPal account creation - annoying details/requirements. Blake notes that paypal changes terms and conditions weekly. He reluctantly needs to create an account. Paypal asks for bank records.
  • Banking officers - Bank requires physical board member presence.
    • How to handle cash donations (red box). Blake suggests cash to be spent on buying stuff, rather than administrative use
  • Simple 990 emails (spam or do we actually need to pay attention)
  • Next purchase(s) (discussion)
    • Survey
  • State of the web site
  • FSL back up and running

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