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Craft In- Classes and/or Bring Your Own Crafts


Our Meetup Class and Event Schedule

Craft In Meetup: [1]}

What we do at Craft In

Whatever you wish. You can participate in the current class and activities or bring a craft you are currently working on. Do your nails. Just craft with us.

Please sign up on the Meetup site and cancel if you are unable to make it.

What you don't need to to at Craft In

Don't worry about your skill level. We are all beginners at one point. This group is for exploring (or not) as you wish. We're here to craft and "be excellent to one another."

Don't leave well behaved children at home. As long as children are accompanied by a responsible adult and under direct supervision they are welcome. Keep in mind that this may limit your crafting time. You know your child, their attention span, and energy level in the evenings. We do the same kind of projects three or four weeks in a row there are more than one opportunity to learn. Some activities may be too difficult or dangerous for children. There will be very few of those but keep an eye on the Meetup page in case something is (rarely) restricted.

Materials are provided unless otherwise noted. Small donations are appreciated.

Classes and Activities with Links


European and Turkish Style Marbling

Water Color

Encaustic- Painting with Wax

Knitting on Circular Looms