Date Suggestions for Upcoming Workshops

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Events to be Scheduled

  • Learn to Solder 2 / intro to electronics - We need a teacher for this. Scott Hall volunteered before for this, so if he still wants to do it, we should let him pick the day!
    • Jan 22 @ 1pm - finalized at meeting on 1/4
  • Lightning Talks #2
    • Friday, Feb 4th?
  • Screenprinting "workshop"
    • Jeff making sure all is good with the vinyl cuts and screen, and then we'll schedule a date!
  • Paint/Decorate the Space (& Clean Again)
    • let's project "Exit through the gift shop" (thanks for the recommendation Darren!) and get splatting on the walls and pipes! Maybe a Saturday or Sunday morning/afternoon in Jan or early Feb?
    • Jan 8th/9th?? --ashley

Already Scheduled

  • Arduino Hack Afternoon - Saturday, Jan 15th @ 2pm? (needs to be confirmed and added to calendar)
  • Every Sunday Night - Software Sunday
    • Ideas for Software Sunday in January:
      • Programmer Show & Tell -ashley