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What is it?

The Doorduino is an RFID reader attached to an Arduino, which is in turn attached to a magnetic "strike plate." This system would allow us to use for our door the same electronic key that is used for building access to get into the space. Right now, we all have physical keys to get into the space itself.

Doorduino plan.jpg

Pieces Required

things struck out are pieces that we have

  1. Arduino (Ardweeny, kit)
  2. Magnetic strike plate
  3. HID ProxPass II RFID reader
  4. enclosure
  5. Software for the Arduino that can read keys and operate the strike plate


  • ProxPass II reader ordered and received
  • Initial Arduino/RFID reader connectivity achieved. Thanks Ron!
  • Mike has ordered the strike plate
  • Boarduino kit received. Next step: assembly!
  • 12/15: Built 2 ardweenies. Going to try and bum a solenoid from Peter or Scott for testing, and then polish+publish the code.