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Lock Picking is a subject that more than a few Splat'ers are interested in. Note that picking locks does NOT imply any sort of illegal activity or criminal intent. Picking locks is an old tradition amongst hackers, however, for many reasons. On one hand, there is the intellectual challenge of figuring out how to defeat the lock. Hackers like puzzles and will seek out solutions for them, simply for the challenge. Additionally, learning to pick locks may grant one access to physical locations and resources of interest, which would otherwise not be available. Some of the original hackers from the CSAIL @ MIT learned to pick locks simply so they could play around with the computers after-hours.

Lock picking is also a useful skill for folks who are interested in Urban Exploration.

Recently, a competitive lockpicking sport has emerged, where lockpickers engage in contests of skill, in a controlled, sportive environment. This article has a nice overview of competitive lockpicking, or Locksport as it's known.


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