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Hello! I'm ashley. Alan and I moved to Durham in June and started rallying people together to form a hackerspace in the triangle. We found out that people want hackerspaces all over the triangle, and we're still anxious to see that happen! Living in Durham, we started one here, and everyone has come together to make it happen. I'm looking forward to seeing how the space grows. Some of the projects I have in mind are:

  • ruby on rails web app for mapping bug infestation reports & a mobile app for this as well
  • creating a basic curriculum for teaching a "learn to program" class using Scratch (
  • Crocheting a robot and then also making it somehow functional (haven't figured that one out yet, but im generally interested in integrating crafts and microcontrollers, so this is just a silly example :))

I plan to get distracted from most of these things by other people's interests and projects as well! We have some awesome people doing awesome things at splatspace. Cheers!