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I found SplatSpace from a Google search in September, 2017 as I was looking for a laser cutter to learn to use, and no other organization in the area seemed equipped to provide access to one to a regular citizen of The Triangle. Upon finding SplatSpace, it clicked for me that community makerspaces are actually a real thing, not just a neat concept that I've read in the books by Cory Doctorow which I enjoy so much.

Ever since attending my first SplatSpace public meeting, I knew I was among kin. For me, the SplatSpace experience is about sharing knowledge, equipment, and spacetime with others of the maker ilk, mostly in that order of priority. Since then, I've served as Splat's Vice President, President, and am now (November 2020) starting my first year as Treasurer.

My background is in Computer Science, and I'm familiar with how to safely use most of the equipment at SplatSpace. If you'd like help learning how to do or use something, contact me on Slack. Just make sure to also leave a note in the "#training" channel or one of the other appropriate channels, so that others might offer their assistance too!

You can also find me here: