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The problem:

People in wheelchairs don't know which destinations are wheelchair-accessible.

Project for:

  • web
  • Android
  • iPhone

Apps for mobile devices should be similar to FourSquare and gowalla in that you check into to specific venues.

Collect GPS coordinates with images of:

  • curb cuts
  • elevators
  • inclines
  • rough terrain
  • edges (almost curbs)
  • roll (sidewalks)
  • steps (potential hazard)
  • handicapped parking spaces (van accessible, non-van, width of hash marks)
  • ditches

Have information about:

  • Event seating (e.g. contact info and auditorium layouts)

Display and allow users to contribute routes. (even compete for optimal routes) Display accessible bus routes (optional - since some don't use buses)

Ping users to verify data collected at their current location.