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January 5th, 2016


  1. Approve draft minutes of the last meeting
  2. Consent Agenda
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
    6. At-Large
  4. New Business
  5. Old Business
  6. Member Reports
  7. Adjournment



Greeting and welcome by Shaw. New attendees welcomed.

Member Attendance

= Consent Agenda

No items.

Officer Reports


Shaw has been working on getting the laser vent hole cut. A new printer is available in the meeting room, donated by Shaw.


Nothing to report.

  • Account balances:
    • BB&T balance as of 01/05: $4360.53 available
    • WePay balance as of 01/05: $340
    • Square balance as of 01/05: $0
    • Total balance as of 01/05: $4700.53

  • This month's income:
    • WePay - $913.86
    • BB&T Deposits - $625
    • Square - $194.50
    • Total: $1733.36

  • This month's expenses:
    • UDI Rent - $1560.85
    • Linode.com - $40 (just happened to clear twice in this monthly period)
    • Total: $1600.85

  • Income - expenses = $132.51

  • Resetting the Tool and Maintenance fund. The current funds haven't been added to since March of last year.
    • We are $76 below our 3 month rent buffer, so though we are in the black, we still should not add to the Tool and Maintenance funds.

Nothing except urging to sign up for monthly WePay and suggesting another Game Night.

Public Relations

Has "something in the works, not yet."


Scott- The Space in general looks good, could use some cleaning. Pete also commented that the tronix bench looks good.

New Business

None entered. Shaw did introduce the idea of partnering with Triangle Biohacking.

Old Business

Member Reports

Mark mentioned the offer of benches etc from Kramden. We could use the benches. Jeff C built a SpinArt table Rachel: would like to have Game Night on the 15th. Jim Rose from Triangle DIY Biohacking spoke: suggested partnering with the Space to expand and have dedicated lab space. JSC suggested collaborating on an Atomic Force Microscope. Daniel D is workign on a RasPi digital camera.