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Current Office Holder

Ryan Patridge [ November 2018 - Present ]

Past Office Holders

Meagen Voss [ May 2018 - November 2018 ]

Shannon Talton [ October 2017 - April 2018 ]

Brian Lord [ November 2016 - October 2017 ]

Geoffrey Tattersfield [ November 2014 - November 2016 ]

Joe Diver [ ???? - November 2014 ]

Justis Peters


The Vice President shall be primarily responsible for the information systems and communication processes of the corporation, coordinate the teams that manage and design those systems, draft policies and procedures for information system use, ensure effective communication and information exchange within the corporation, and serving all other duties of a Vice President as required by law or custom, including acting when the President is unable or unwilling to act. The Vice President shall assist the President in organizing meetings of the membership. He or she is responsible for enforcing the rules of meeting procedure as detailed in this document. The Vice President is also responsible for providing notice of all meetings of the members and of the board of directors, pursuant to these bylaws.