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September 6th, 2016


  1. Approve draft minutes of the last meeting
  2. Consent Agenda
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
    6. At-Large
  4. New Business
  5. Old Business
  6. Member Reports
  7. Adjournment



Welcome, hello to new visitors.

New visitors- several.

Approval of last minutes.

Member Attendance

Consent Agenda

No consent agenda items.

Officer Reports


Mentioned upcoming possible move to Scrap again.

Also we need to have elections soon for Board members. Changing the Board should not cause huge disruptions in teh move process.

One major point of improvement for current location would be improving responsiveness of the property management.

  • Account balances:
    • BB&T balance as of 09/06: $5866.97 available
    • WePay balance as of 09/06: $50
    • Square balance as of 09/06: $0
    • Total balance as of 09/06: $5916.97

  • This month's income:
    • WePay - $1222.23
    • BB&T Deposits - $670
    • Square Deposits - $290.46
    • Total: $2182.69

  • This month's expenses:
    • UDI Rent - $1592.07
    • Linode.com - $20
    • Total: $1612.07

  • Income - expenses = $570.62

Our insurance is due in October. We pay liability insurance every year of $1160. Our current monetary situation is good and this will be sent and paid this month.

  • Email lists started for groups interested in helping organize:
    • All things grant and fundraising: fundraising@splatspace.org Shannon is the lead/focus on this. We have at least 2 people with extensive experience willing to help us out with this.
    • All things move related: moving@splatspace.org

Please email me or either of these lists if you want to join with the email address that you want to use.


NCMLS's After Hours event "Tinker and Taste" is coming up. Also Engineer's Day on November 5. We need projects for both.

We are partnering with East Durham Children's Initiative to teach intro to Scratch on November 19 and December 3. See J Crews for info.

We are partnering with Girls Rock NC to help fix their amps and other equipment.

J Crews adopted the vinyl cutter corner and urges others to adopt areas of their own to keep clean and maintain.

Public Relations

DD sent in word that he likes the idea of updating our Meetup settings as Mark C suggested.


Pete sent the info for adding the smile.amazon link to our donation page. DD should be adding it soon. Pete wants to push this heavily with other groups such as TriEmbed, so it should be done soon.

PCB Carolina is coming up, includes a for-pay advanced soldering workshop.

Scott: says he is closing in on a sponsorship, possibly with Harbor Freight. Will coordinate with Shannon et al for how we will present ourselves. Looking at other contacts as well.

New Business

Old Business

Member Reports

Phil is still building his Z80 computer and building a Pi-based MAME game system.

Scott would like us to go to SparkCon. (Bill spoke last week about doing the 3D Printer Village again.)

Scott is building a retro photo booth for weddings and reunions.

Jeff C is still building his hunting horn, has now printed the mouthpiece with brassfill filament.

Peter R needs a lot of CDROM drives. Like 100 of them or so. He wants the motor which opens the door, to make magnetic stirrers with.

Harvey is looking into building an electric fireplace into an existing piece of furniture.

We had an awesome Game Night last Friday!