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June 6th, 2017


  1. Approve draft minutes of the last meeting
  2. Consent Agenda
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
    6. At-Large
  4. New Business
  5. Old Business
  6. Member Reports
  7. Adjournment




Member Attendance

About 15

Consent Agenda

Officer Reports


Hello- Next Tuesday July 4, 2017 not being held due to holiday. Next business meeting in August. Any urgent needs contact board before then.

Going to meet Ann Woodard at Scrap next week. 


Not Present

  • Account balances:
    • BB&T balance as of 06/05: $7884.43 available
    • WePay balance as of 06/05: $100
    • Square balance as of 06/05: $0
    • Total balance as of 06/05: $7984.43

  • This month's income:
    • WePay - $1670.05
    • BB&T Deposits - $300 ($50 of which was donation)
    • Square Deposits - $209.07
    • Amazon Smile - $27.57
    • Total: $2206.69

  • This month's expenses:
    • UDI Rent - $1640.00
    • Linode.com - $20
    • Conferences/Outreach - $77 to Scott for Rarsfest Event
    • Total: $1737

  • Income - expenses = $469.69
  • Donation total for May-June 2017: $50

I have recently done something that Splat Space had never done before, which is a Financial Report as part of our Charitable Solicitation Licensing that I applied for for us. I made this report available to anyone who is interested on the Wiki. This gives everyone a snapshot of how the Space did financially for our fiscal year 2016.

You can find it in Documents on the Wiki here: http://wiki.splatspace.org/index.php/Documents

As per usual, let me know if you have questions on anything.  :)

Will post financial report on wiki.

New members bring us to 62 members. 


Shannon Talton- Acting

Public Relations

Not Present


Phil R- Please join the do-ah-cracy. If there is something you want to do, and know how to, please do.  I put a mouse on the Shapokeo.

New Business

Election for Secretary Board Position

Nominees: Shannon Talton

Old Business

No old business

Member Reports

Had seven visitors. Three were maker space participants or presidents from local schools and Universities. Two into electronics and one in biology.

Scott H- Beginning RSVP Rasp Pi went well from the very very start. Time to get in to that meetup/class. Current Events and the other meet ups on Sunday use a lot of the tools and space around Splat. 

The TV screen is dimming and it needs to be replaced or fixed. Consensus was to replace the tv.

New neighbors strongly suggested we not use the 3 spaces in front of the garage door. These are also our handicapped spaces.

Tyler,a visitor, show us an electrical boost converter purchased an Ebay for $4. Debate ensues over the lethality of device. Much hilarity results. The need for a Tesla coil kjhjkiufor the space discussed. 

Dawn- Some method for figuring out who is using the laser cutter or the 3d printer would be nice. It's hard to come to the Space and see that both are busy. Repeatedly. Cameras and sign up sheets suggested. No resolution.

Megyan- "My netbook is fixed. Thanks to all who helped."