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(Old Business)
(Old Business)
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==== Old Business ====
==== Old Business ====
1) Safety Document (Mark)
1) Safety Document (Mark)
* Updates ?

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Feb 4, 2020


  1. Minutes
  2. Initialization
  3. Member Attendance
  4. Consent Agenda
  5. Old Business
  6. Action Items
  7. New Business
  8. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
    6. At-Large
  9. Guest Introductions
  10. Member Reports
  11. Upcoming Events
  12. Trash/Recycling Volunteer
  13. Adjournment



  • Accepted


Meeting started at 7:10 pm

Member Attendance

8 members in attendence Quorum = 13 members

Consent Agenda


Guest Intro

Peter R invited the 3 guests to introduce themselves.

Vice President

VP Andrew led the meeting.

Old Business

1) Safety Document (Mark)

  • Updates ?

2) Fundraising - still interested in income ideas to fill $400 / month gap

  • Updates ?

3) Discussion of tools

  • Updates ?

4) Laser cutter - soundproofing

  • Updates ?

Action Items

(Items carried forward from previous meetings, but not up for discussion this month. Recorded here so we don't forget about them.)

  • Plan needed to allow members to recoup costs on consumables they provide to the space. (who?)
  • Website plans (who ?)
  • New Member orientation (Dawn)
  • Training & Accountability (Dawn - initial draft)

[create doc with list of tools, include people & doc links as we start making equipment training guides]

  • Large format printer (updates?/volunteers?)
  • New Storage Shelves (Scott + volunteers)
  • Audio/Visual install & configuration (Scott + volunteers)

New Business

Shout Out to...

Officer Reports



  • Account balances as of 02/01:
+ BB&T + Cash Total - Outstanding - Escrow - 3 mo reserve Non-committed
  $6457.51     $139     $6596.51     $0     $336     $7500     $1239.49  

  • This month's income:
Member Dues Donations Other Total
  $2258.08     $50     $0     $2308.08  
  • This month's expenses:
UDI Rent Linode.com Spectrum Misc Total
  $2400     $20     $84.99     $40.80     $2545.79  
  • Income - Expenses =   $-237.71
  • Back dues owed = ~$xx

  • Active Member count as of 01/01: (Active = paid dues within past 60 days)
Membership Type # Members Expected Dues
Full 10 (+5/-m) $ 600
Full (legacy) 23 (+n/-m) $1150
Associate 05 (+n/-m) $ 125
Associate (legacy) 09 (+0/-5) $ 180
Student 1 (+1/-0) $35
Total 46 $2090
Monthly Expected Expenses = $2505
Month Members Monthly Expected Deficit
Dec 1 50 $ - 480
Jan 1 49 $ - 485
Feb 1 46 $ - 415

Departing Members: Tyler M, Ben D, Lauren F

New Members: 4 Associate -> Full, 1 Full -> Associate

  • Comments: membership appears to drop during summer months, rise in the fall/winter
    • 2 year high - 42 members
    • 2 year low - 57 members



  • Other


    • <Action Item> Updating storage shelf plans; dimensions will be 98" long x 19" deep x 76" high, 4 shelves (same number and height as existing metal shelf in hallway, just longer). Will bring drawn plans and bill of materials at a later meeting this month.
      • Dawn pointed out that unused shelves were discovered in the boneyard that could be used for the shelves action item
      • Caution! Some of the wooden woodworking tables are made from very drilled out 1x1s.
      • There are a number of 2x4s down in the basement. We attempted to assess their owner and ultimately figured they were up for grabs -- hopefully for building better shelves/tables for the woodshop
    • <Action Item> Progress has been made on instruction manuals for electronics bench instruments
    • <Action Item> Scott is working on automated equipment for A/V center, and instruction manuals for use; new equipment to be installed
    • SplatServer to be upgraded with larger drive to hold all the new woodworking plans, projects and magazines donation.
    • <Action Item> Ink for the large format printer. The large format printer was discussed. It doesn't realize that it has all of the ink that it needs. Someone needs to either spend the time figuring out how to use the bootleg ink, or we need to buy official ink cartridges. Andrew has researched and found that a chip is responsible for having communicated "empty" to the printer. He thinks we need to buy genuine ink. We think it's only the black cartridge holding things up.
    • <Action Item> Computer upgrades were discussed. Ben has a mobo he wants to donate, the different machines were assessed.
    • <Action Item> Promotion. It occurred to Mark, who saw Andrew working on products with the CNC machine, that documentation of the steps/product would make for a great communication/recruitment/proof of concept for Splatspace. "Those pictures are a great resource." Andrew offered to continue to document his work. Mark - "everyone who does a project, if you could take pictures of the intermediate steps, that'd be great." Andrew and JP identified that there are many places for people to put documentation of their projects. The Blog was landed on as the best place to promo. VP: "the more we can show what our current equipment is and can do" [positive things]

Member Reports

Upcoming Events

note new calendar for 2020 External Outreach Events

Trash/Recycling Volunteer