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''Blake McNeill''
''Blake McNeill''
* Working on setting a PayPal account for payments
* Looking at new places to rent based on some discussion about our rent going up and maintenance issues
* Working on the electronic-sign TV

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August 2nd, 2022

Link to join online meeting: https://meet.google.com/roo-ozzn-jne


  1. Announcements
  2. Initialization
    1. Member Reports
  3. Club Business
    1. Committee Reports
    2. Consent Agenda
    3. Old Business
    4. New Business
    5. Officer Reports
    6. Other
  4. Conclusion


We are looking for someone to head up the Public Relations Committee. Basically keeping the social media pages up to date, and notifying community bulletin boards of public events and activities.

We are also looking for someone to head up the Special Actions Committee. See Blake for details.

Upcoming Events

Non-Recurring Events

Workshops at SplatSpace returns with the SplatSpace Knowledge Share series (see committee report below)

Important: Brittney Merryweather is leaving Durham on September 28th and is looking for someone to take over the organizing and facilitating of the Knowledge Share Workshops from that date onwards. She has all the documentation, including templates for email, graphics, etc. She will transfer the documents to the SplatSpace archives and whoever specifically wants to take over. She can explain the process used, but whoever takes over can do it anyway they want!

External Outreach Events

New calendar for 2022 External Outreach Events list

Some outreach highlights:
Durham Centerfest
Durham Arts Council
Sat-Sun, Sep 17-18, 2022
10am-6pm Sat, 11am-5pm Sun
Durham Downtown looking for SplatSpace participants to help man the Splat's table

Application for CenterFest 2022 Nonprofit Booth needs to be submitted before Friday July 8:

Recurring Events

Regular events carried from month to month.


Member Attendance
  • 12 Dues-paying (voting) members
  • 9 on-line & 3 members in attendance this meeting
  •  ? to reach quorum

Guest Introductions

Guest Attendance
  • 2 Guests this meeting
    • Joe S. - found out about us at the dog park, grows oyster mushrooms
    • Joe G. - found Splat online, was a STEM in Mississippi, grad student at Duke
    • Ganapathi, "G" - college student, found Splat online, interested in woodworking
    • Nathaniel, "Nat" - heard about Splat in the last couple of years, interested in electronics (audio processing), woodworking

Member Reports

Talk to your fellow makers!

  • Show & Tell
  • Projects you want to do
  • Interesting Resources discovered
  • Tell us what's on your mind!

Club Business

Previous Minutes

  • Approval of minutes July 5th, 2022

Recruitment / Retention / Fundraising

Committee Reports

Special Action Committee

{needs leader}

Knowledge Share Committee

- workshops for SplatSpace members to share our knowledge with one another
Brittney Merryweather

completed workshops

  • 3D Printing with Resin workshop - Sunday, Jun. 19th, hosted by Andrew Stowell
  • Wood Lathe workshop (2 sessions) - Sunday, Jul. 10th, Sunday, Jul 17th, hosted by Blake McNeill & Jeff Crews
  • Creating Graphic Files for the Lasercutter workshop - Sunday, Jul. 31st, hosted by Stan Ponomerev

upcoming workshops

  • Beginner Sewing workshop - Sunday, Aug. 14th, to be hosted by Nancy Cash & Jeff Crews
  • 3D Design and Printing workshop - Sunday, Aug. 21st, to be hosted by Aaron Averill
  • T-shirt Making with Vinyl Cutter and Hotpress workshop - Sunday, Aug. 28th, to be hosted by Brittney Merryweather
  • Basic Woodworking workshop (2 sessions) - Sunday, Aug. 28th and Sunday, Sept. 4th, to be hosted by Blake McNeill
  • ShapeOko workshop - Sunday, Sept. 11th, to be hosted by Akshay Kurhade
  • Laser Cutting and Design of 3D Objects workshop, Sept. 18th, to be hosted by Dagan Trnka

proposed workshops

  • proposed Leather Working & Crafts workshop -- thinking of Sept. 11th, or Oct. 2nd, to be hosted by Scott Hall
  • proposed Basic Metalwork workshop - thinking of Sept. 25th, to be hosted by Jeff Crews?
  • others workshops
    • Always looking for leaders and folks that want to host a workshop
New Website Committee

Blake McNeill & Justin Kirk

Documentation Committee

Ryan Patridge, Blake McNeill, Scott Hall & Brittney Merryweather

New Equipment Purchasing Committee

Blake McNeill

Donations Management Committee

Justin Kirk & Blake McNeill

  • Management of future donations
  • Ebay sales
  • Recycling
  • we need a policy to handle donations to minimize "Mt Doom" piles taking up space and time
Public Relations Committee

{needs leader}

Old Business

Pinned Items

Permanent items of the Old Business section carried from month to month.

ToDo Action Items

(Items carried forward from previous meetings, but not up for discussion this month. Recorded here so we don't forget about them.)

  • Lease renewal
    • Lease has been signed
    • 18 months, $2472/mo
    • represents a 3% increase* Hire a grant writer to apply for grants? Other fundraising applications.
    • some research has shown very little grants that would apply to SplatSpace
  • Door issues
    • Shares circuit with the woodshop, gets tripped sometimes from the woodshop.
    • Discussed options for battery backup. Wifi would also be useful to have on a battery backup.
    • Lock broke again
    • -- Adam N. has fixed it by "rebooting" laptop power supply
    • -- Adam and Ryan looking at possibly installing one for the rear basement door as a backup
    • Blake found a locksmith company was beyond our budget
  • Website issues
    • Website keeps going down
    • new alerting monitor in place?
    • New Website committee working on replacement website

New Business

  • Andrew Morton has resigned as a club member, and thus his At-Large board position is now open
    • According to the bylaws is special election for filling the position until the next election meeting (November) is to be held this meeting
  • Purchase of PCR machine for the DIY Biology group
    • $350 SplatSpace contribution
    • The DIY-Bio group is definitely popular portion of SplatSpace, and has contributed much interest and presence to the space
    • { see Consent Item below }
  • Slack is changing their costing structure
    • Blake is checking into the new non-profit arrangement
    • possible archiving whole old message on Slack, or storing of curated old messages into github
  • Ryan brought up the idea of starting a saving to cover future moving expenses

Consent Agenda

  • Motion: Approval of up to $350 in SplatSpace funds for the purchase of a Thermal Cycler for DNA Manipulation and Analysis (PCR) in the science lab.

A Thermal Cycler is a thermal device for any DNA manipulation. PCR will allow you to take a small amount of sequence and make a large amount of sequence. { Thermal Cycler diagram } The DIY-Biology guys have a very old machine, but it is hard to use, limited in some methods and is finicky. Normally a new one is $5000, but a unit from an education-focused company would run about $600. This would allow educating Splat folks on sequencing far easier. Information for software and usage: https://openpcr.org/

Bayer in RTP is auctioning off their lab machines -- Aug. 26-31. If you want to register for the Bayer auction: Bayer RTP Auction registration

The $350 would be from the donations box in the front.
Since there is not quorum tonight, voting will be done online via Google Surveys.

Officer Reports


Blake McNeill

  • Working on setting a PayPal account for payments
  • Looking at new places to rent based on some discussion about our rent going up and maintenance issues
  • Working on the electronic-sign TV


Justin Kirk {not present}


Ryan Patridge

Account balances as of 7/29/2022:

+ Truist + Cash Total - Outstanding - Escrow - 3 mo reserve Non-committed
  $10855.47     $174     $11029.47     $0     $1008     $7500     $2521.47  
  $10855.47     $174     $11029.47     $0     $1008     $0     $10021.47  

The rest of the Treasurer report for this month is pending (Ryan getting time to finish it).

Donations: Thank you to everyone who donates your time and effort to keeping SplatSpace going. Board members, Sunday cleanup crew, event leaders, and our fellow Raptorcorns!

Pending: SplatSpace's Charitable Solicitation License Exemption filing was due May 15, 2022, with the NC Secretary of State.


Lewi Scaife {not present}


Scott Hall

  • Continued progress made on the SplatServer, adding capacity, reorganizing file structure. Input from members welcome - contact Scott.
  • Progress made on building a new stand-up height assembly bench and new shelf for the woodshop.
  • Stalled progress made on sorting & testing cables, mice & keyboards from donations & boneyard that are in the main room
    (waiting for Mt. Doom to be cleared)

Eli Hornstein

{new At-Large officer}




Trash/Recycling Volunteer

  • Ask for a volunteer