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December 7th, 2010


  1. Approve draft minutes of the last meeting
  2. Consent Agenda
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
  4. Member Reports
  5. New Business
  6. Adjournment



  • Ashley Dipert
  • Alan Dipert
  • Peter Reintjes
  • Mark Corzine
  • Jeff Crews
  • JC Sackett
  • Victor Novik
  • Mike Broome
  • Darren Boss
  • Lenore Ramm
  • Jonathan Rippy

Special Guests:

  • Kristin Long from UNC -- Documenting Hackerspaces for a project for UNC, where she is a Journalism Student.


  • Minutes from previous meeting passed.

Consent Agenda

Nothing in the consent agenda. Previous items removed by their author

Officer Reports

  • Thanks to all who participated in the cleanup on December 4th, and thanks to JC for getting the ball rolling.
  • Very successful programming night on the 5th. Luke Meyer of TriDroid provided a lesson/lecture on Android development that people really enjoyed.
    • There were a number of new faces, and several were interested in signing up for Splat Space.
    • Meetups like this are a great way to grow the membership; we should do more of them. Anyone with an idea for a meetup or group meeting at the space should see about making that happen.
  • After speaking with Kristin Long, it seems we should improve our outreach to students.
    • We've done a good job of getting a core of non-students, which means we can really stretch now to attract members from the college's around here.

Not in attendance


Not in attendance

Proxied by Mike

  • We have a bank account
  • We have our first deposit slip for checks and cash deposited as of 4:30 on the 7th.
  • We need to hookup paypal to the new account
  • Thanks to everyone for coming out to the cleanup.
  • We need to set a schedule for it; proposals are monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly.
    • Quarterly selected provisionally, we can always make it more frequent.
    • Question from Mark Corzine: Does it have to be Saturday?
      • Saturday seems easiest for the majority; as we get close to each one we can see if it will be better to move it.
    • Question from Jeff Crews: Is there some sort of policy or rule around what needs to go after it's been here a long time?
      • Not yet; there is a policy proposal to deal with some of that.
  • There is a proposal for new inventory up on the wiki, pleas take a look at it.
    • Based on ideas of code review--items come into one bin, get reviewed and put away or placed in a remove bin.
      • Review and inventory process are tracked--an application is in the works for this, for now we can use paper.
      • Comment from Peter Reintjes: Please don't throw anything of mine out; just ask and I'll remove it.
        • While we've been using the verb "throwout," in truth we're talking about placing it aside to be reclaimed from its owner. If the owner doesn't want it, then we move on to recycling attempts.
  • Question from Peter Reintjes: Membership count?
    • We have 26 full paying members. We have one paying associate member. We have one full member in arrears and one associate member in arrears.
      • Corrected from report at the time of the meeting, wherein it was read to be 22 full paying members.
  • Comment from Jeff Crews: It would be nice to know about surplus funds.

Member Reports

Jeff Crews
  • Screen printing
    • Screens are measured and made, and blue, black, and white ink is available.
    • When we screen print, people should bring clothes they want printed; garments will not be provided.
    • Someone needs to bring in a hairdryer
    • Screens are the splat, the Splatspace text, and QR code
      • Two versions of QR will be posted to list -- one is white to be printed on dark garments, one is black to be printed on light garments.

Old Business

No old business.

New Business

No new business.


Adjourned at 7:30.