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August 6th, 2013


  1. Approve draft minutes of the last meeting
  2. Consent Agenda
  3. Officer Annual Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
  4. New Business
  5. Old Business
  6. Member Reports
  7. Adjournment



4 new people tonight.

Member Attendance
  • Bill C.
  • Jon S.
  • Pete S.
  • Peter R.
  • Darren B.
  • Shaw T.
  • Jim P.
  • Joe D.

Consent Agenda

Officer Reports




No business to report.

  • Account balances:
    • BB&T balance as of 08/06: $10159.10 available
    • WePay balance as of 08/06: $0.00
    • Total balance as of 08/06: $10159.10

  • This month's income:
    • WePay - $1570.00
    • BB&T Deposits - $460.00
    • Total: $2030.00

  • This month's expenses:
    • CREH-Snow (rent) - $950.00
    • Key deposit refund - $15.00
    • Total: $965.00

  • Income - expenses = $1065.00
  • Maintenance fund ($215.45 + $20) = $235.45
  • Tool fund ($2070.36 + $532.50) = $2602.86

Engineer's Day coming up this Saturday. Jeff C. is coordinating. Joe D., Peter R. and Barry C. plan to be there. More volunteers desired.

Also on Saturday is a Jameco build day at the West End Community Teen Center.

We also have a new potential site to move to, at Broadway and North streets. We're arranging a tour of the space this week, so sign up on the Doodlepoll if you're interested. It does have air conditioning in the office, and heating in the work shop.


I didn't introduce new business to amend our bylaws for associate member voters. Will do that for next month's official.

Wiki clean-up meet-up this Sunday night, coincident with the Software Sunday meeting at 6 PM.

Public Relations

Reminder that a mailing list sign-up sheet is at the back, so sign-up if you want to hear from us.

New Business

Old Business

Member Reports

Pete S.

Burlington Mini-Makefaire is coming up on August 17th.

Darren B.

Leading the charge on Arduino development for the Sustainable Agriculture Conference in Durham November 15-17.

Pete S. also volunteers to help with the project.

Guest Reports


Woodville Inc. is located in North Durham and does small-scale laser cutting.