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September 3rd, 2013


  1. Approve draft minutes of the last meeting
  2. Consent Agenda
  3. Officer Annual Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
  4. New Business
  5. Old Business
  6. Member Reports
  7. Adjournment



4 new people.

Member Attendance
  • Peter R.
  • Jim P.
  • Phil R.
  • Jeff C.
  • Darren B.
  • Shaw T.
  • Josh B.
  • Matt D.
  • Bill C.
  • Geoff T.
  • Joe D.
  • Eric H.

Consent Agenda

Officer Reports


Our building manager Kim has been actively pursuing our lease renewal. We asked about going month-to-month on next year's lease, and she said there wouldn't be a rent increase, but she would have to advertise.

Kim is concerned that one of our members might be spending nights in the space, which our space is not zoned for. We're in danger of losing our space if we don't follow the rules in our lease.

  • Account balances:
    • BB&T balance as of 09/03: $11549.85 available
    • WePay balance as of 09/03: $0.00
    • Total balance as of 09/03: $11549.85

  • This month's income:
    • WePay - $1285.00
    • BB&T Deposits - $115.00
    • Total: $1400.00

  • This month's expenses:
    • CREH-Snow (rent) - $950.00
    • Total: $950.00

  • Income - expenses = $450
  • Maintenance fund ($235.45 + $20) = $255.45
  • Tool fund ($2602.86 + $225.00) = $2827.86

Automated fetching transactions from WePay via the web site. WePay does not expose past transactions through their API, so this solution does screen-scraping to get the data.


Sent an e-mail about amending our bylaws to the mailing list. Let's work on our amendments after we finish our official meeting.

Public Relations

(Message delivered by President)

Please continue to blog and tweet. If you plan to be at an event (Spark Con, etc.), talk to him about getting access to our Twitter feed for live tweeting.

New Business

Old Business

Member Reports

Jeff C.

Doing some 3D printing for Spark Con, where people who arrive can receive a printed part and add to a sculpture.

Darren B.

Bought the wrong temperature probe for a temperature controller. If you need a resistance-design probe (not thermistor-design), contact him.

Peter R.

Proposes we spend $8 to buy 50 SIP MOS P-Channel transistors. Show of hands of voting members was unanimous.

Shared a Bill Neal (http://billyroyneal.zenfolio.com/) photograph of the Green Room in Durham.

Josh B.

Reddit is asking for classroom donations. Solicits ideas for types of donations.